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My project: 86 325es-> Pickup

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    I would rock the shit out of an e30 mini truck.

    Coolest project thread of the year.

    '88 325is
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      Damn, amazing! Would be sick to have an e30 truck to haul all the heavy parts for another ;) lol
      Mtech1 v8 build thread -

      OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


        Originally posted by evo3 View Post
        Very cool build. Not sure if you've seen these before, but they may be of interest to you...

        (I hope they weren't posted yet, I didn't go through the 8 pages - my apologies if they were :))
        Yea Ive seen that one before, not my style but interesting none the less.

        Originally posted by 2e30 View Post
        any progress i cant wait to see it done

        Progress has been extremely slow as I've been going through my sisters e30 front to back. Hopefully tomorrow i can get some work done. Stay tuned!

        Originally posted by Jean View Post
        Damn, amazing! Would be sick to have an e30 truck to haul all the heavy parts for another ;) lol
        Thanks, I keep finding myself in a bind needing to have the e30 pickup running in order to collect more parts to finish it...

        Originally posted by Jordan325iC View Post
        I would rock the shit out of an e30 mini truck.

        Coolest project thread of the year.


          This is ultra rad man! Your close enough, so if you ever need any help let me know!
          '89 "is" = M technic II build mode.



            any update?
            my e30 trailer build thread



              i wanna see more updates, if there are any


                Ive been a super slacker the past 2 weeks , There was an east coast e34 meet i was trying to get my car ready for, then wrapping up my sisters car. I took today off so i can make some progress...

                I'm in need of a steering rack and front half of an m20 standard driveshaft. Anyone have one?


                  like a dumbass I missed this thread...excellent freaking work!...subscribed as well :)
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                    i think this guy has wut u need



                      Finally an UPDATE

                      After a few weeks of not doing much i finally got some work done today. I had been waiting for a steering rack before throwing the engine back in, big thanks to fredk and his e30 awesomeness!

                      For starters i welded two nuts into the bottom of the sub frame. This way i can make a skid plate that easily attaches to the sub frame and rad support.

                      After that I cut the spring perch on the front housings and welded one about an inch lower for more adjust-ability. Also i get more travel now that the adjuster is out of the way.

                      Once all the parts had dried i tossed the engine and suspension back in.

                      yes i painted the abs unit... one of the fittings is partially stripped so i didn't bother removing it.

                      And finally just for shits and gaggles i put the coils and bags all the way down. Its not very drivable but i find it entertaining

                      Stay tuned, theres not much more i need in terms of parts so progress should stay steady :grin:


                        Nice! I'm liking the stance when its dumped. Keep it up man.


                          Keep it comin mike!!!
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                            hooray metal work!

                            On to finalizing the metal work!

                            I finished the passenger corner of the cab last night.

                            Then on to the bed rails... No more C-pillars!!

                            After that i decided to dabble with the lower point of the new B-pillar

                            And thats all for tonight. Big thanks to some vdub guys who came and helped out. Portions of the drivers side are solid just not ground yet (my last grinder disk died)


                              awesome - can't wait for the next update!
                              Originally posted by Matt-B
                              hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?


                                Holy crap!! Crush that thing and put it out of its misery!