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1990 325is oem+ project (LOTS of picture)

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    Rust is present here ans there on the underbody but it is no big deal .
    the car have get full respray last year, at least the body is rust free !


      whoh! its been a while since i update my build !!

      the christmas time was very occupied for me.

      i have done some work on the e30 !

      long story short, the past owner have proceed a full respray on the car and , unfortunately, the bodyshop who did the job... was not very a good one.( i suppose)( maybe the past owner do not want to paid big amount of money...)
      anyway, the low rear quarter and inner fender was repair but very badly. i knew it since my inspection before i buy the car.

      this was a PITA to repair. i do not love doing this but now, its done ! finally

      here it goes.

      the left side . the exterior ( painted side ) look pretty OK (takling about the rear lower quater panel , behind the wheel)

      BUT , as paint can hide many thing, look inside the wheel well.

      once i remove the FIBERGLAS, ( who put fiberglass as repair material wtf !!!???)

      as i can see, there is a steel piece that was welded. so i dig deeper to look how the job was done, not surprise, the steel piece was only tacked, not even full welded..

      at this point i decied to let this piece pf steel there but fully weld it ( to prevent any humidity or rust to go trought it ) , and cut all the rotten rusted steel in the wheel well.

      then, i have to make some steel replacement part

      once i hace replace and weld grinded all the pieces and weld, i put structural glus 3M 8115 on the weld to prevent any infiltration on the weld ( may be there were pinholes )

      after that, i have done the finish on the exterior with putty and building primer

      that it ! for the left side... the right side was worst.... anyonce know the batery tray can be rotten as hell...
      fortunately, mine was only rusted in located area, that help me to keep the original look with the repair.

      here is the before picture of the right side.

      not something to dream about..
      again, i dig deeper. and i find that the steel replacement part welded was rotten as well form the inside!.... so i decide to cut it off . that was a godd choice because, there were rust and even water trap between the 2 steel pieces ( replacement welded and what left of the oem one )

      at this point i was very discouraged.. what else i could find ??.
      anyway there is no way back so i cut all the rusted steel to prepare for the new steel pieces.

      once everything was welded and grinded, i put again structural /m 8115 Glue onto the weld to prevent any infltration

      then was the time to high build primer

      after that , time to brushed seam scealer. ( try to imitate the oem look)

      the final touch will be to put the black undercoat into the wheel well to reproduce the OEm look.

      i'm very glad that this was done..!!! i will paint it when i could move the car because i dont have much space between the car and the garage door !

      to be continued...!


        Wow - nice work on the rust repair, your results are fantastic! Thanks for posting details. I will be using your pics as a reference when I start the repair of my battery tray. Luckily mine is only bad at the rear lower valence area but it is a tight area.



          Amazing job, That rear valence section looks incredible!


            What everyone else said. Amazing save.


              amazing work , love this build


                wow ! thanks everyone for the encouragement !
                its good to see people appreciate the good work !

                things going well on the E30 !

                here is the update

                the final look of the rear wheel well repair. to be honest, i was expecting a better result.. but atlest, i know now that the job is well done.

                i have removed all the sound deadening in the trunk. it crazy how much weight i remove.. 53 pound !!! only in the trunk.

                then i cleaned up everything, remove some surface rust and redo some join here and there and give the inside trunk a fresh coat of paint.

                i finally reveive the dust plate for the output shaft and install it,

                then fill the diff with royal purple diff oil
                (anybody have comments about this oil ? good/bad ??)

                refresh some part while i have it on my hand .

                since i got my E30, the shifter was a problem for me.. it was so loose and sloppy.. i first buy a full bushing kit wit brand new z3 1.9 shifter. it was better, much better ! but still not stiff as i want..
                i start thinking and realise that the oem shifter 2 pieces glued/molded together with some soft urethane, this give a little play on the shifter.
                so i separate the shifter, keep the bottom part , take a steel rod, welded it to the bottom shifter and threaded the end m12x1.5.
                i also buy delring carrier bushing (frond and back) , replace the bitch clip by one bolt and finally , DSSR.

                here the kit

                at the moment i dont know wich knob i will take, probably the black one!

                i have started put back thing on the TA before install them on the car.
                love the look !

                press in subframe bushing and TA bushing

                then install the DIFF on the car, hard job when your alone haha!

                install the subframe and the TA on the car, then press in the wheel bearing and hub

                after that , time to install the hand brake system

                before install the drive shaft, i give a fresh new look

                and now , the only thing missing to be install is the coilover, ) not receive it yet..)
                everything else for the rear is back on the car ! so satisfaying!

                now the rear of the car completely done , time to refresh the front

                remove all the mecanical coponent

                the front should take less time than the rear because lot of thing will be replace.

                stay tune !


                  Love this thread!
                  I think your rust repairs came out great. I'm in the process of fixing some of the same areas on my car and will also do a suspension/undercarriage overhaul like you just did :-)



                    the rust repair turned out great!


                      Originally posted by Glaede View Post
                      Love this thread!
                      I think your rust repairs came out great. I'm in the process of fixing some of the same areas on my car and will also do a suspension/undercarriage overhaul like you just did :-)

                      i have take a look to your picutre build on instagram, it look interesting ! do you have a build thread here on the board ??

                      I have give the front caliper the love they needed haha !

                      they were very rusted and even one was seize.. amazing that i didnt notice while i drove the car last time.. the car was braking perfectly... the both inner cylinder have some thick oily gunk inside.. anyway ,
                      i have all dismentle it
                      grind it with wire wheel
                      and paint.

                      it turn out great! i love the result!

                      i know that gold caliper is not the best looking color for a bronzit car color, but i planned to paint the car to a darker color maybe dark cherry..

                      my front backing plate were..... total scrap!

                      i baught here to a REV member, 2 backing plate . clever guy who accept to ship it to quebec , canada.
                      the backplate he send me was in overall condtion 8/10. i just sand it, little sandblast and paint it black

                      the next thing will be to weld on my coilover that i'm about to receive .

                      here is the picture of my interior Done.

                      i love the way the shifter look ! i sure prefer the look of the solid mount from garagistic since the rod is thicker, but the one i have made cost me nothing to do .. and it kind a look more oldschool !

                      what you think about it ??!!


                        Keep up the hard work! You are inspiring me to take on my rust areas myself
                        1989 325i LS Swap (Money Pit):
                        COTM Feb 2019:


                          another update for the E30 ! work going good . i'm happy with the result !

                          this week , i have receive my BC coilover.
                          since the E30 comunity love them, i baught them. seem to be good for the price !

                          here is my old suspension setup.
                          ( 4 blown shock with old coilrping drop + rear top place broken in 2 )
                          no hard to beat haha !

                          and the fresh new coilover system

                          i do not loose any time and have already weld it to the oem spindle

                          i cut them and let 50 mm as BC recommand. the BC base fit tight on the oem strut.
                          i makde a little V groove one the Base to have better penetration with the weld. before welding i also torch blow the whole thing to make it very hot and have better weld.
                          after the weld, i paint the new spindle assembly to match the rest of the coilover

                          finally finish to receive and refurbish all my front suspension coponent.

                          rebuilt girling caliper
                          new lemforder CAB
                          new lemforder control arm R+L
                          new tie rod assembly R+L lemforder
                          New coilover
                          new SKF wheel hub assembly R+L
                          new bolt
                          new oem dust cap ( bearing )R+L
                          new bolt cap oem R+L( hub bolt cap )
                          new lemforder link kit R+L
                          new lemforder sway bushing R+L
                          new bosh brake pad R+L
                          new zimmerman disk R+L
                          new wheel stud conversion

                          and so ..

                          i think the car will drive crazy after the rebuilt !

                          then i attack the last rust spot ( i hope) for this year .

                          have to make room to work propely,

                          i use 1/16 thick steel because this part is part of the frame rail, so i want it solid

                          im here at the moment. it need to be paint . and after that i put back on the car all the front coponent.


                            another day , another update !

                            i wish this thread have been more replied than this,
                            maybe it's because my english is hard to read ?? i am french, i do my best !!
                            sometime i would write more to explain more in detail but i am very limited in my global english so i skip to the essential..

                            anyway here is the update for the past few days

                            i have finish to paint the back of the headlight area
                            its not a perfect job , when ill pull the motor out ( next winter ) i will do a better paint job since i plan to change de color

                            im glad it came out great !

                            i have put back on the car all the front mecanical

                            press the CAB with my universal press system

                            press the lollip on the control arm the redneck way haha!

                            it need so much tool...

                            then, since i try to save money here and there , i build myselft a rear strut bar. i dont mind to have one perfect looking since it is in the trunk..

                            i have hard time doing it , only have a welder and grinder.. it took me few hours, its not perfect bu it should do the job.
                            i paint it red with mat clearcoat.
                            i know they are cheap, but it cost me about 15$ to make and paint it.. cant be cheaper!!

                            then i step to do some body work to my front lip.
                            it was in very bad shape. lot of cracked spot and mutiple craked layer of paint.
                            i have to ''plastic weld'' the craks, then melt some steel reinforcement in the back,
                            ''weld'' the outside then finish it with body filler and hight build primer

                            after that was the time for my rear spoiler who was in very bad shape too.. i think this is a common issue with theses ??

                            i sanded both the spoiler and the front lip to its bare material to be sure i got it smooth enough.

                            and after that , i take some time to clean de garage a bit and give the car a little rince.

                            project is going good !

                            i kind of have finish the big work on it for this winter.

                            before the spring, i need to :

                            buy new headlight
                            buy IS sideskirt
                            clean the engine bay
                            bleed the brakes
                            buy wheel and tire
                            tint the yellow flasher on the taillight
                            and few little things here and there
                            i think its all. !

                            at this point , i spent almost 250+ hours on that car. it crazy how much time it need to makde these car in good condition !
                            but , i dont complain, i love doing it !


                              Love this thread!... Keep it up
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                                I feel your pain man. I'm not really sure what drives up replies. I get very few on my own but I am also not dropping as big of updates as you are. Can't wait to see this thing finished up looks awesome. What wheels are you running?
                                1989 325i LS Swap (Money Pit):
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