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'91 318i Sedan SOS (Save an Old Slicktop)

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    Cracked on with pullng the fuel tank. Went to drain it but the plug was rusted. And in the middle of a huge dent...

    So i pulled the fuel level sender and took the rusty smear on the bottom half inch to mean there was bugger all fuel in it. All the hose clamps came undone easy enough. The ziptie was even easier.

    The bolts holding the tank up were pretty rusty, but a little soaking in PB Blaster and a bit of muscle had them out soon enough. A bit of a wiggle and out she came.

    Then pulled the wiring up into the cabin and labelled up the connectors.

    ​​​​​​​The pump and level sender have been saved for future testing. I emptied out the remaining old gas, which looked like whisky and smelt awful, then washed out the tank ready for recycling.


      Pulled the rear calipers off this evening. Gave everything a squirt of PB Blaster at the weekend and it all came loose without a fight.

      All the EVAP stuff up inside the passenger came out too, along with a couple of yards of dirt. Made a right mess. Took the vapor tank and filler pipe outside and sprayed off the loose dirt with garden hose. All the flexible lines went in the bin.

      More hackery was found under the foil tape and a bunch of melted plastic. Question is, were they fixing the cause of the fire? Or were they the cause of the fire!? The two plastic pipes were cut clean in half behind the tape. Grinding through a fuel vapor line would be exciting...


        Mystifying as to the actual reason for that protective tube hacking. It's worth thinking about how you can improve fueling speed and maintain expansion safety in the fuel system since you have everything out.

        Also, while the exhaust is on the other side, fuel spills on or around the rear brakes during a pit stop can be a hazard. Perhaps consider some sort of cover that you can use just during fuel filling.

        Converting to twin pumps, or a lift pump from the other side of the the larger stock tank that you'll hopefully install is also handy.


          Sub'd! Curious to see how far this goes - your fortitude for mechanical projects is way higher than mine, I can already tell. I would have pushed this off a bridge by now... Thanks for the entertaining posts!


            just found this from the new topics feed. the more long form a project is the more fun if you have the capacity to do it.


              I'm liking this project

              1989 325is l 1984 euro 320i l 1970 2002 Racecar
              1991 318i 4dr slick top

              Euro spec 320i/Alpina B6 3.5 project(the never ending saga)
              Vintage race car revival (2002 content)
              Mtech 2 turbo restoration
              Brilliantrot slick top "build"


                I too, am digging this project! Save them all!


                  Last couple of weeks have been busy around the house; finished up a bedroom remodel, washed the outsides of all the windows Memorial day and was up on the roof cleaning the gutters this morning Took some time last week to put together a little car washing caddy. Needs a couple of tweaks but the concept is sound. Nice to have home car washing capabilities at long last.

                  Got my arse into gear this week and cracked on with pulling the dash. The RTS Auto guide was a huge help.

                  I labelled all connectors with blue tape and a Sharpie as I went, bagging & tagging fasteners, clips and components as they were removed. I keep all the plain, bubble and ziplock bags I can lay my hands on. Invaluable for around the workshop.

                  After much fastidiousness, out came the dash.

                  I'm laying out all the loom branches as I go for now. They'll probably all get coiled up and bagged for later testing. Just trying to avoid a big pile of spaghetti until I get it organised.

                  There followed a bit of tugging and grunting (quiet at the back...) to remove the IHKS. Note much labelling.

                  I did, however, fail to acknowledge that the heater core would still hold some coolant and it promptly pee'd all over the floor. And my ratchet.

                  This also allowed me to finally remove the lingering flap of carpet.


                  While going at the cowl area, the vents and wiper mechanism were removed.

                  It's a bit dirty in there, but not too bad. The cowl panel is rusted out around the corners of the windshield from the bodged seal/lock strip job. I'll replace the panel if it comes to it.

                  Took a moment to find a home on the shelves for everything that was removed. From there I carried on labelling wires, pulled the battery cable out through the trunk and released all the loom from the right hand side of the car. Starting to look like something. Or nothing. Depending upon your perspective.

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