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'91 325i Alpine Sedan (2.7L ground-up rebuild)

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    I wanted to get the rear bench installed to finish up the back seat area, and also free up some space in the parts storage area!

    This naturbeige bench is very tidy, but pretty dirty from spending a good few years in Zionsville Autosports parts haven, and another 3 years in my basement storage area.

    Went at it with the APC and upholstery brush, making quick and effective progress. Here the passenger side is done, for comparison.

    And the whole thing cleaned up.

    Apologies for terrible lighting above. I was cleaning in my front room by lamp light! Once they were treated to a couple of applications of 303 Aerospace Protectant and installed in the car, the looked fantastic!

    The vinyl is nice & supple, and the foam is soft. I had to kick my shoes off and hop in for a sit! Super comfortable.

    Next, more wiring… well, sorta. The Pioneer stereo will have Bluetooth and call handling, so I wanted to install the mic somewhere functional and discreet. Most modern cars have the mic in the center front of the headliner area. The check panel had a couple of options, but I didn’t fancy drilling this in case it cracked or didn’t work out. So I moved back to the sunroof access panel.

    The mic the came with the Pioneer is on a ball socket, which handily slides out of the sun visor clip. I drilled a hole to accept the female cup of the ball socket, then added a notch for the wire so the panel would still fit flush.

    The cup is epoxied in…

    …and test fitted successfully

    Pretty pleased with that. If the location works well, I may do a 3D printed panel for a more integral look, but this looks tidy enough for now. I like that I still have the ability to play with the direction, if required.


      looks good.


        Looking forward to your stereo set up review. I swapped in some Pioneer speakers in the rear housings for me and my system was poor and couldn't hear music at highway speeds and windows down haha.

        Instagram: Reichart12


          That microphone integration is well done - I like to see how everyone handles all these little details. Looking forward to seeing that radio mounted up in the center stack and your thoughts on the sound.


            Mic integration is very clever! I like it.

            I wonder if throwing scrap bits of sound deadening behind sunroof access panel would help a bit? Probably not.