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Econti's E30: Rotisserie, big spec turbo m42. Bodywork time

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    Picked it up from blasting and it looks unbelievable. I haven't been able to get any good full car pics as its been shitty weather and its in my carport with bad lights, but hot damn its beautiful.
    Garbage old iphone pic for posterity:

    Not wanting to waste any time as the car's in primer and will rust through very quickly if it gets wet, I employed my father in law to do some bodywork as I don't trust myself enough.
    Radiator support was quickly deleted

    As it was bent from when the previous owner crashed it. Not bent very badly but when the rest of the car should be a 9.5/10, made no sense to keep it.
    You can see the crease on the bottom section in the middle, as well as where the mounting brackets are on either side, they looked shitty and were very bent.

    Enter the shiny new OEM support that my mrs bought me as a present:

    We mocked it up and the car's good and straight so that's very nice.

    Reason for not fitting a removable support is that I don't like the look and it's not a race car. Couldn't be fucked making the new OEM one bolt in, and I also didn't really want to cut up a very expensive piece of metal. Also it's only getting a 4cyl and it'll be fitted by lowering the car onto the subframe so ease of installation is not a factor.

    While the front was off I started seam sealing the bay back together. It's a twofold reason for me, first to protect against corrosion, secondly to smooth out some of the lines. I'm not doing a full shaved bay but to at least smooth them is nice.
    Note it was my first ever time using it and there is a large learning curve to make it look really nice. I'll likely have to try cut it back to make it smoother and have another go, but such is life.
    It also takes several days to fully cure so I'll be waiting for that.

    I also decided on doing the engine cases in silver, so hit them with some heat resistant gloss silver. Turned out pretty good, weather's too shitty to do any more this weekend though.

    I finally found a head gasket too that I didn't have to get shipped from America so that was nice. No pics as it's just a head gasket.

    I think that's it for the moment? Parts are arriving often, and progress continues. As soon as the bodywork is done I'll throw some paint on to seal it all in, then it's test fit time.
    It feels so indescribably good to be making forward movements on the car, it's been sitting for so long with not much being done. It's bleeding me dry financially but it isss what it isss.

    Have a good day friends and stay positive

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      Sorry to hear about the 888, however, great progress on the E30! I am enjoying the thread redux. I look forward to seeing the reassembly.


        Good progress, keep it up.
        What are you planning to coat that shell in next? Did the blaster epoxy prime it?
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          Originally posted by burkey001 View Post
          Good progress, keep it up.
          What are you planning to coat that shell in next? Did the blaster epoxy prime it?
          It was primed in some apparent bees knees primer, it'll be getting paint next to seal it in, then test assemble, then apart and final paint. I don't really see a need to coat it with anything special as it won't be parked outside and any stone chips will be repaired as soon as they appear.
          I'm not sure what I'll coat the underneath with yet. It will be some kind of protective liner, not just regular paint.

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            More progress this weekend.
            Finished painting the main engine components:

            (Yes they are wheel bolts, they're the right thread to block the holes)

            Got the new radiator support in, it's incredible how much strength they add to the front end. Happy to say that despite the quality issues that seem to plague new bodypanels from the factory, this one fit absolutely perfectly. I can't find a date of manufacture but I suspect it's an old one that's been sitting around.

            I also hit the sunroof casette with rust converter and then primer. The media blaster didn't do it as it's so thin, that if he hit it with the beads it would heat up and warp too much. Not the end of the world to spray some Fertan on and then prime.

            My father in law also cut out the butchered exhaust tip exit and started fitting up the 6cyl cutout.
            This car was originally a single tip and it seems someone educated from the Stevie Wonder Fabrication Institute cut it to fit a twin tip exhaust with tin snips. It was awful, so I got a 6cyl factory twin tip cutout to replace it with.
            Yes, the plan is for twin tips DTM style. I'm ashamed that anyone would think I'd do anything else.

            Next week's plans:
            -Wait for the 2x new intake valves to arrive, drop to head reconditioners (for the engine, not for me, nothing can fix my head) and get them all done
            -Assemble head onto block, get expensive metal gasket for timing case backing plate, mock that all up
            -Find a complete timing kit to buy somewhere
            -Finish the roof, bead blaster didn't do that either so I have been cutting it back to complete bare metal, need to finish
            -Bully father in law into finishing the rust repairs

            So then hopefully in a week or two I'll be able to put some colour on the car to seal it in.

            Stay healthy friends, keep up your water intake and take care of your knees.

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