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Last season of topgear?

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    Last season of topgear?
    Rollin' with a Geistkuchen

    sucks, allways a great show


      I really hope not but really do to certin factors from govt PC crap in the UK trying to push the show in a direction that no one wants to see it go, it would not surprise me if they decide to end it rather the pervert it from what it is.
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        God I hope so.
        Nothing like watching a smart ass journalist step all over his own toes.

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          They are scheduled to be back in November and NOTHING about them quitting is on Final Gear, so...

          I'm not believing it until I see it.


            The ending of the last season sure seemed like a fitting end for the series, I hope not. Great great show. Only tv program I look forward to really, that and F1.