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      I had a dream last night that I was in high school, waiting for the bus, but the busdriver was driving a Ferrari F430, and somehow we were at the highest elevation on earth so the ferrari kept floating. Anyway, the bus driver kept slowing down as if to let me on, but then would speed up and float away. I followed it for like a mile, but then realized I would have to drive to school.

      When I got to school it was like a giant bazaar, but with all shitty stuff. It kind of reminded me of a picked over thrift store. Somehow I got stuck in the bathroom, which was huge, and I found a giant trunk with speakers and a recording of Steve Martin doing a comedy routine that kept playing. I woke up when I discovered that someone had placed molds of ski wax with 'Heinz' written on them all over the bathroom.
      Originally posted by LJ851
      I programmed my oven to turn off when my pizza was done, should i start a build thread?