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Soulda Kept Playing Football

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    Soulda Kept Playing Football

    What a system. I love America - Fuck Yeah!

    (Insert Lol's here...)

    everyone is legal in college, I don't see a big deal, I was thinking of going back to school, Levent and I were discussing it, that would be so cool LOL


      Fuck ya. I have a few co-workers who went to UT when Payton was there. Basically these girls are beautiful escorts whom receive many "perks" for their service to the school. Basically their set in college.


        I have a friend who was recruited to play at Fresno State. Apparently there were strippers at a party they were brought to for their official visits.
        I don't know if this is "under the table" or whatnot, but I'm sure it's not uncommon throughout the recruiting process.


        Originally posted by JamesE30
        And with a car looking like yours I imagine the balance shall tip in the favor of insult, like a big fat fucking retarded fucking black girl on a see-saw, opposite... a dwarf.


          Yeeah and CU got F-ed bigtime because some girl wanted money. I am sure this stuff happens at every school, I don't see what the big deal is. Just make it universally legal since it is the norm.

          I like the kid in the article describing the girls, "real pretty real nice, and just really cool."
          When I was 18 that was a PC way of saying they are smokin' hot and I want to get in their pants.

          Wheelgap is like a vagina. The more fingers you get in, the worse it is.
          Originally posted by Chachi
          young chicks are not keepers. they are for fun.