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The r3v motorcycle thread

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    The r3v motorcycle thread

    I know some people ride on here, let's see some pictures

    My 1986 Honda VF500 Interceptor

    really a great bike. bought it in may, 13,000 miles

    This bike is now for sale!
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    I have always wanted an interceptor
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      theres already a sportbike thread...
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        I've always loved the Interceptors. Those were Honda's glory days, imho.

        Two friends of mine (brothers) are rebuilding a VF1000R using CBR600 wheels & front end (with VTR1000 calipers). It is a very cool bike.


          Just got it a few weeks ago. 2001 Suzuki SV650S with 3900 miles on it. I just replaced the broken turn signal on friday.

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            SVs are good little bikes. More people should ride them than sportbikes, imho.


              ^Only if you're going to take the time to throw a GSX-R 600 suspension on them.
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                2003 f650cs
                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                  My '84 Kawasaki GPZ750 after a canyon run with my dad's '82 Yamaha Vision. It does pretty well and they were very quick for their time. I'll be stripping it down and doing some work this winter but it's sort of a beater bike for when I don't want to take the big bike to the grocery store or whatever.

                  My '04 Kawasaki ZZR1200 with a Corbin seat, ZG windscreen, ugly frame sliders, Gen Mar risers, Madaz high mounts and some other cool stuff. Just got done doing some carb mods and it's even more of a beast in the midrange. 160+hp stock and decent ergonomics. Very fast and comfy.

                  My buddy from work just picked this one up yesterday. We had to drive 150 miles to get it but it was worth the trip... '07 KTM Superduke with Akrapovik Titanium exhaust. It's a total hooligan machine. Not mine but I sure wish it were!

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                    My '91 FZR 1000, my buddy's '02 gsxr 600, and my other buddy's '97 zx7r on our way from santa cruz to san luis obispo on highway 1.


                      those superdukes are crazy. I like the whole naked/streetfighter look, and I hear that engine is amazing.
                      I have also heard that sv650s are nice bikes too, never ridden one. I was in toronto about a month ago and all I saw were sv650s everywhere I looked


                        Not much to look at right now

                        This is a pic with the old turbo kit and longer arm on it


                          wow, op thats a crazy deal.

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                            This is my 06 600rr, I bought it early last year for $4200 with 7k miles.
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                              With all these serious bikes I might as well post mine for teh lulz:

                              '73 Harley-Davidson SX 125, 125cc 2 stroke on/off road. Built for HD by Aermacchi in Italy.

                              The story is: my dad's buddy bought it new in '73, put a little over 600 miles on it. Doing wheelies one day, dumped it, broke the throttle, turn signal, and mirror. Parked it in his basement for 25 years.

                              Offered it to my dad for free, dad takes it partially disassembles it, then loses interest and it sits in his shed for another 9 years. I express interest and dad gives it to me.

                              Since I took it over, I tracked down all the missing/broken stuff and got the bike complete. I got it running, but the carb obviously needs a rebuild, and the whole bike needs a good going through before it's ready for the road. Winter project, hoping to have it ready for next season.

                              I've got a folder with all the original paperwork, title, bill of sale, owner's manual, brochure, etc. 644 miles on it right now. It's just a little guy, but for the type of riding I plan on doing it will be just fine. I'm stoked for next year, might even bring it up to Laconia! (on a trailer :p)
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