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OFFICIAL Land Rover thread.

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    Those are some nice examples, would be impossible to find on this side of the country, rust kills them so bad...


      Originally posted by Julien View Post
      I know they aren't reliable, but are they at least starting to appreciate? Looks like it, no?
      I think so. And so good looking and so capable. Ours was an '87, which I can not recommend - fuel injection computer / reliability problems.


        Hagerty story about a LR shop in Vermont.

        “They’re not particularly beautiful,” he says. “They’re certainly not comfortable. They’re not great on gas. There are a lot of ‘nots.’


          "Forward Control" 101 -


            test won't let me post pics....? Been doing that a couple of weeks now.


              Seems to be working today.....

              Defender testing in Africa. This outfit tracks and tags lions for wildlife research, so they have to go where the lions go, not the roads. It's right out of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! They were always chasing some beast while hanging out of an old Land Rover.

              Click image for larger version

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                This one has a snorkel on the left windshield post.

                There's still some fake padding under the wrap.



                Good approach and departure angles

                Round headlights with center LEDs


                  Tongue load doesn't seem to be affecting the rear height - self-leveling I assume. I guess they could have balanced the teeter totter trailer so it has no tongue weight, but they showed it driving around.


                  I see the updated Explorer is bragging about 12" of water fording...

                  Testing locations

                  These are from earlier - rear suspension shots. Beefy lower control arms, steel subframe, diff protected, sway bar tucked up above, exhaust tucked up pretty well..

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                    Saw some more leaked info on Defender -

                    The three variants will be:

                    "• The three-door Defender 90. This will have five- and six-seat versions and will grow in length to 170 inches from less than 158 inches in the previous generation.

                    • The five-door Defender 110. This will have five-, six- and seven-seat versions. It will increase in length to 187 inches.

                    • The Defender 130. This variant will be a five-door, eight-seat passenger vehicle that is 201 inches. Previously, the Defender 130 was sold only as a double-cab pickup."

                    The actual wheelbase is interesting -
                    A D90 has a 102" wheelbase (the old one wasn't 90" either)
                    A D110 has a 119" wheelbase.

                    The 130 is the same wheelbase as the 110, with just a big overhang to hold more people. Don't know if they'll build that 4 door truck version.


                    "Under the bonnet of the 90 and 110 models, there will be a choice of three petrol and three diesel engines in 2020 and 2021 and all Defenders will come as standard with an autobox and all-wheel drive.

                    The diesel units will be offered in D200, D240 (four cylinder) and D300 300bhp (straight six) forms, with 0-62mph times of around 10.0sec, 8.3sec and 7.4sec respectively. It’s understood the D300 will be the only diesel engine offered in North American markets and arrives for the 2021 model year.

                    Three petrol Defender engines - the P300, P400 and the P400e Plug-in Hybrid - will be on sale immediately. These are thought to all be straight-six units, and will be sold in the US, where many states adhere to the same strict ‘SULEV’ pollution regime as California. According to the leak, the plug-in P400 offers a torque boost from 400Nm to 645Nm and a 5.9sec 0-62mph time, Autocar understands."

                    The base has 18" wheels, the fancier trims come with 20".

                    It looks like many trim levels - Base, S, SE, HSE, and "X"...(?)

                    The D90 is 170" long and 78 3/4" wide. Is that the body or mirrors?
                    75 7/8" high - but that's going to depend on the spring settings I assume.

                    Official intro at Frankfurt Motor Show in September.


                      More info leaked -

                      Project Code L663
                      Coil springs.....with air suspension optional. Air susp will be more capable.
                      Temperature monitors in the adaptive dampers.
                      Electronic locking diffs.
                      Heavy reinforced subframes, control arms, ball joints, bushings.
                      18" wheel standard, with options to 22". AT and mud terrain available.
                      There appears to be a steel-wheeled base spec version available.
                      Heavy testing into chassis stiffness, speaks and rattles.

                      "Land Rover’s Andy Deeks, product engineering team leader for durability and reliability -

                      "...we elected to use the same aluminium model platform as the other bigger Land Rover models use. It’s called ‘D7U’. The platform has been through a programme of wide-ranging design and engineering overhaul – but it’s a monocoque. It’s relatively light and very stiff, and those are attributes we need. But there’s no ladder frame here, and we don’t have rigid axles.”

                      "Deeks explains, “there are reinforced suspension subframes, as well as new stronger suspension arms, ball joints and bushes. We’ve got bigger wheel arches, more suspension travel, more wheel articulation and more ground clearance than on any other Land Rover. This car was designed to exceed the usual Land Rover capability targets that our other models are engineered up to. And it has been engineered for better durability and reliability than any car that Land Rover has ever made.” "

                      “We know what reputation our cars have, and what some people will expect and say about the Defender,” he says. “This is a much more complicated car than the old one, that’s true. Engineering in the durability, the capability and the lightness we wanted would have been easier with less complexity. But nobody said this would be an easy car to make.”

                      “It’s not a car of the same simplicity as the original, granted. It has its own character. But it’s easily tough and capable enough to be worthy of the name: more than, in both cases. The old Defender was a car that was durable because it simply wasn’t comfortable enough to drive it quickly off-road. This new one absolutely is – and trust me, it can take whatever punishment you’re prepared to ask of it.”

                      Click image for larger version

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                      Click image for larger version

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