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OFFICIAL Land Rover thread.

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    Nice Disco! Pretty awesome rig you've got there for I would bet a pretty reasonable cost. Just be ready to do the headgaskets, luckily they are super simple.

    I don't remember the last time I posted in this thread, but I bought an sold a RRC Hunter a few years back... Didn't quite hold onto it long enough to profit off of the '80's - 90's SUV boom that we're currently experiencing, but I can say for sure that I don't really miss the truck. Shortly after that, I ended up buying a cheap L322 S/C and it has been a legitimately awesome vehicle for me. I would not recommend owning one if you aren't mechanically inclined, and the proprietary scan tools are a must, but when working correctly they are fantastic trucks. Mine has 190k right now and is still going strong, it's currently my DD while I build up a new e30.

    - '88 m54 coupe



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      Bought myself a TD5 Defender ute a little while back. Hydraulic tipper and crane, 130,000km country car so no rust at all which is incredible. I am the second owner.
      Already binned the EGR setup, and not in the pic but I fit a big dirty front mount intercooler as the stock one is shit.

      Flash tune coming soon to make it not gutless. I love this little unit
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