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    Computer thread!!!

    well i searched and couldn't find one figured there should be a computer thread , so gent post up your current set up
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        nice is that a mac 2 damn
        88 325is Five Speed


          I have a 15" Macbook pro 2.4 i5 with 4GB RAM. Of every computer I've owned (6-ish Mac laptops) Macbook Airs are by far the nicest for what I do.
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          Originally posted by Cabriolet
          Wish you the best and hope you don't remember anything after 10pm.

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            I like building computers sometimes, I started when I got my first job at 16 and hadnt yet learned the way of the car. Built my own PC with an Athlon 64, high end mobo and ATI X800XL, upgraded things here and there over the years to keep it modern enough for newer games and now 8 years later I've kinda lost interest somewhat but I did recently make a few upgrades.

            my Gaming PC
            Antec 1200 case (swapped all LED fans for some nice black quiet ones)
            Asus P5Q Pro
            E8400 Core2Duo overclocked to 4ghz
            8GB gskill ddr2-1066 ram
            XFX HD 7870 DD
            120GB Crucial M4 SSD
            2x 640GB hard drives
            Auzentech xplosion 7.1
            Corsair modular 620w PSU
            42" 1080P LG Plasma (for movies)
            2x 24" Samsung LCD monitors

            I also use my family Mac when I just feel like web browsing in the kitchen as, I dont remember the specs, its just one of the newer 27" models. (LOVE THE TOUCHPAD). For generic web browsing in my room I just use my iPad, its not good for much else.
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              I wannt to build my own gaming pc well need to know what parts, any suggestions? what setup


                Here's mine:

                LIAN LI all black aluminum case, no lights, 3 fans.
                AMD Phenom II 555 Black Edition unlocked to 3 cores and overclocked to 3.82GHz
                GIGABYTE mobo with SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0
                G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB 1600 RAM (want more)
                80gb and 1tb Western Digital HD's
                NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512

                Total build price was under $600, but I did have the HD's and got the graphics card used from a friend for cheap. Built it originally to play Portal2, but have yet to actually play it. lol Not a gamer at all, so it gets the job done. I use a lot of graphics programs like Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. due to my sticker business along with AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor and it handles everything no problem, even with 5-6 programs running at once.


                  i lost count on how many pc's i have right now...but the best i have is an i5 w/4g ram (running fedora)

                  at work...wholleyfuckballs...i has me an
                  gigabyte z68mobo,
                  dual head +1 (on mobo) = 3 native displays
                  but it aint 'mine'

                  oh, we gots some mac - airs, and a miniMac for our video conferences....perdy cool..yeah....daise nice n all. but people fuck with em too much...i went into our "cigar lounge" and found (in its browser history) the actual links to "ultra porn" :) (oh, i wuv my yob ) /.

                  my true pride lies with my 1st pc ever...
                  it is a k6-2 AMD with one of the very 1st "all-in-wonder" cards...took me a few months to get it working in linux (back in 1999) but i had one of the very 1st pc 'tivo's" that could record 4 channels off of cable at once...
                  it had a 4gig hd, and all my friends were so impressed.

                  i spent about 3 weeks sanding it all down smooth and painting it a shimmer color (that was super cool back then...still is among certain crowds now, but not so mainstream any more)

                  well. those were the days...that lil pc still works today too.
                  i will post a pic next is cheap, and pix say a 1000 fails so much better.
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                  linux since 1999


                    My Acer Aspire One netbook has been my bottom bitch for a while now, can play games upto HL2/TF2 graphics (barely) but mostly i got it because it's small and all i really need it for is web browsing, video playback, and Megasquirt

                    AMD C60 dual core 1.0GHz (1.3 GHz turbo feature) EDIT: maybe G60 processor, can't really remember right now
                    integrated graphics card
                    4 gb ram
                    500GB HDD
                    Windows 7

                    Has 3 usb ports, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA/DB9 output and it only cost $300. The battery lasts up to 7 hours if you turn the settings down/don't use many processor intensive programs. I spend a lot of time playing downloaded videos/netflix and browsing the web at the same time and it works pretty well. The way I use it, T tend to get about 3.5-4 hours before having to plug in again

                    first purchase when i get a 'real job' will be components to build a bitchin desktop for gaming

                    My gripes with this little machine:
                    Could be faster at loading many webpages
                    I hate the trackpad - it seems to click on shit or reduces the text size in chrome at random sometimes IE the same as if i were to hold Crtl and press - 5 times
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                      serious talk:

                      asus p5qpro
                      quad core Q6600 2.4ghz
                      4gb ram
                      1tb external drive
                      windows vista
                      ATI radeon 6990 recently upgraded from x2 radeon 6770
                      2x 24" LCD monitors
                      some kind of case that i can't remember the name of.
                      6 fans average temp is 19 degrees celcius

                      I haven't overclocked anything yet since it suits my needs perfectly. I've yet to come across a game that gives me any real troubles. Only upgrade i see myself doing in the future is a new mobo/cpu upgrading to an i7
                      320I - under construction


                        i7 2600K @ 5.0GHZ 1.34Vcore
                        Corsair H50 Water Cooler
                        Corsair Dominator 8GB DDR3 1666
                        2x MSI GTX 580 Lightnings @ 1GHZ
                        Corsair Performance Pro SSD 256GB
                        2X Velociraptors Raid 0 10K RPM
                        2x Samsung F3
                        Corsair AX1200 Mod PSU
                        Lian Li PC-A77FA
                        Summer '85 E24 635csi Winter '88 E30 325iX, I lose 25% of my hp before I even turn the key.


                          My main rig is a just a core2duo + another one, I don't do any more gaming so I've stopped upgrading/building pc's like before. Plus a laptop and a netbook, but I am looking at getting one of the 9-10" android tablets. At work there are 10s of physical and virtual servers I get to work with, running anything from aix,linux,xp,server2003,2008,7 etc that I don't really need keep my home pc up to the latest and greatest standards anymore :)
                          Mtech1 v8 build thread -

                          OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


                            Antec 900 Black Steel Mid tower
                            AMD quad core 955 Black Edition
                            Asus M5897 ATX
                            Radeon 6850
                            4GB 1600MHz DDR3
                            Crucial 128 SSD
                            Some 500GB 7200RPM server HDD

                            As long as we're geeking out, I can't wait to see the actual performance of AMD's Vishera.
                            Originally posted by StereoInstaller1
                            Do you feel like something is trying to penetrate your butthole?


                              wow some of you guys are running pretty serious set ups
                              88 325is Five Speed