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    These days I cry every time I see an e30 whose mint fender arches are hacked up and drilled to fit a widebody over fender kit. Everybody doing this to their car is like what all the ricers were doing back in the early '00's with crappy fiberglass body kits.
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      ^Yeah, the widebody kits look bad because they look like and fit like what they are; an afterthought. They don't follow the car's lines nicely, the screw holes and indents do not suit the clean look of classic cars, and objectively they generally fit badly too like most other screw-on fender flares. At the last cars and coffee I went to I gravitated toward a beautiful classic Z, I love the Z31 and older Zs, it was such a clean and straight car but I could see in the distance that it had fender flares. I went up to it and the fit was typical; so bad there were gaps between the flares and the body in some spots (you could see light through them), and touching the body in others. Screwed the car up for a trendy look. Because they're screwed on and don't fit well you often see gap fillers used which add contrast that looks even more screwy but at least it takes up the gaps and probably reduces the relative movement which tears up the paint with time. Taking a car like that Z which is renowned for its graceful lines and putting chunky looking flares on it is just bad taste.

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        I knew a guy that had a serious hard-on for rocket bunny kits and wanted to put that on his s38 swapped e30. I hated the idea then, and I hate it now. But I might be biased because I only like to modify with period-correct stuff.
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          20 years from now will we be stoked to see a rocket bunny like a testarossa kit?


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            yeah the Rieger Genesis kits are genuinely cool if they're installed well and finished.

            The pandem kit didn't look good when they released it, so there's no way in hell someone in 2042 will be like "brah that duraflex pandem knockoff kit looks so 2020s, that's [insert slang of the youngins]!"

            I think the LTO kits look great, would rock one if I had like 5K to blow, time, and a spare chassis.
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