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Anyone ride BMX? Trying to find a specific frame...

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    I miss my BMX days and having shit tons of money to spend on bikes. Of course, that all changed when I got my license.

    I rode exclusively Fit bikes for years. Loved them. Still have my last bike that i tool around on every once in a while. Too much sentimental attachment to let go. Fit S3 frame that was one of Mike Aitken's personal frames, Fit sky high bars and shiv forks, Primo stem, Profile cranks with titanium hardware, custom built Odyssey wheelset, etc. Bought almost all that stuff brand a lot of money in that bike. Made a lot of money flipping and parting out BMX bikes over the years. Those were the good days.
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      Originally posted by cwatt View Post
      Thanks, but the only one there is a 21" tt, not 20.6". Trust me, I checked.

      I was thinking of trying the Fit FAF-K for my next set. Thoughts?
      theres one up now. and the faf-k's are the shit. or the folding fly rubens if you can find them
      Originally posted by F34R View Post
      It is such a tiny difference between the 20.6 and 21, just buy 21.

      I cannot find pictures of mine on Flikr, but I ride a S&M dirt bike with tons of S&M parts.
      theres def a difference for us regular sized people! but goddamn your bike is a fucking tank

      Originally posted by Nick_S View Post
      Looks good! Thats oddly the exact same finish my current Verde is. Looks really cool. But I'm far more excited about this that just showed up.

      Brand new T1 Hickerson.

      My 5th T1 and the first new frame I've bought myself in 6 years. Can't wait to build this up.
      that thing is BEAUTIFUL
      Originally posted by E30NJ View Post
      Didn't Eastern go out of business?


        The bikes you guys ride are way different from what i'm use to. This what i currently have. Bought this back in 1996,mongoose expert with 21in frame. I haven't ridin a bike for about 10 years prior to 1996.
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          Originally posted by dothadance View Post
          theres one up now. and the faf-k's are the shit. or the folding fly rubens if you can find them
          Argh ! I forgot all about this post until today. That really sucks for me. Thanks for noticing just the same. Damn.


            Can't help with your search but here's mine.

            And seat we scored.