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Ok who is a history geek?

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    I like real history:) Not anything you'll get on state-sponsored programming.


      Originally posted by mrsleeve View Post
      tinfoil on

      Shit about free energy and no money to be made on free shit ;)

      Didn't he light up colorado springs via wireless? Haha such great men don't fall without the help of others no? /tinfoil ;)

      The civil war era is a great history too. Abe Lincoln walked all over the constitution to save it and thats been the precedent ever since... besides the part of saving it that is. He had the british at the north and the french at the south waiting to swoop in and the man even had to use slavery to help gain support for the cause. We were that close to no longer being the United States of America/ losing all national sovereignty as I see it. Revisionist history tells us different in highschool text books though and it's a shame that kids get taught such.

      ... I guess the same can be said for Andrew Jackson and any other maverick trying to save our republic.
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