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Anyone into chainsaws?

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    I have a pruning Stihl and a 021 Stihl, Used to work for the National Parks for a bit and Stihl gave us discounts. My sisters currently work for the Dept of Ag doing Asian Long Horn Beetle eradication program.

    They are tree climbing nut cutting nuts and also licensed arborists.


      Originally posted by kickinindian View Post
      "Pretty much just a woods ported 044 Stihl with muffler ported and carb opened up, velocity stack and foam filter, and a good sharp chain. nothing too crazy cause it has to last for a while."

      The saw cuts a 30" pine in about 3 sec. It's a great saw

      Hmmmmmm :devil:


        Chainsaws are awesome. Such a great feeling making a cut with a well sharpened chain haha. My dad used to have a couple Husqvarna XPs from the 80s, not sure the exact models, they weren't too crazy. Loud as hell, and were a pain in the ass to start. He traded them last year to a dealer in our town for a new Stihl. Can't remember the model either, but it has one of those easy pull starts. He has a Gator XUV and I bought him a chain saw "press" for the bed of the thing to hold the saw for christmas, pretty awesome haha. He and I cleared the land that he and my mom built their house on. For a few months, every weekend we were out there with his John Deere 3038E cutting trees. That tractor pulled every tree up a pretty decent slope with ease (some had to be cut up a bit). We cleared at least an acre, and out of all the trees we cut only two were pine trees, the rest were maple, oak, cherry, apple and locust. I sold 3 chords of really nice, well cut hardwood to a family friend for dirt cheap haha. we've been burning a good portion of it this winter. I'll have to go take some pictures of his stuff. We just rebuilt his old american woodsplitter too a few weeks ago. Oh and I broke his maul handle :roll:
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          Originally posted by xxx-Lost-Soul-xxx View Post
          Here she is,in all her glory.
          Sexy. How much would something like that cost a normal person?

          I have a little stihl, older model. It looks to be a similar vintage to yours. I took it apart many years ago and lost the trigger. Is that something your shop might have (access to)? Honestly it may need more stuff than that. I'll find out what model it is.
          Originally posted by Andy.B
          Whenever I am about to make a particularly questionable decision regarding a worryingly cheap diy solution, I just ask myself, "What would Ether-D do?"
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            Originally posted by lti_57 View Post

            You have my attention.
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