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    Machining Thread

    Edit: Come on people, I can't be the only person that does this kind of thing! Lets see some cool metal stuff! Even if it's fabricated or welded I just wanna see some more cool shit!

    I don't have a typical machinist job. Only 10-20% of the work is production, the rest are one off jobs, mostly deep draw dies, stretch form dies, and drop hammer dies. The company consists of 5 employees and the owner, so we're a pretty tight-knit shop. My favorite part of the job is building machines. The owner buys old machines for near scrap prices, then I go in and help replace all the broken stuff, upgrade, rewire/reroute, then put everything back together to make the machine run. The foreman has been doing it for 25+ years, so he directs the project and I get to help along with the entire process. Here's a cover I designed, programmed, setup, and ran for one of those machines:

    Solidworks Model:


    Cycle Start!

    Listen to the chips hitting the enclosure. This was machined at 8000rpm and 36 inches per minute. Chipload was ~.045". Pretty freaking amazing. I was using an Ingersol 2 flute carbide insert cutter.

    Finished Product:

    Here's the machine it's going on:

    We did our first test cut on Thursday, you can see my cover in action:

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    Sub'd because I love this stuff. I really need to find a way to get involved with it.
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      Looking to go to machining school i wanna do engine building etc and be able to machine custom stuff. Just need to find a good school locally.

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        Here I made my own setup/fixture, and programmed a little toolpath to cut out the pocket. The holes were all done in MDI because the machine I was using was based on Fanuc 6M, aka a cnc controller from 1982.

        Spinning in the reference point. This tells the machine where "zero" is.

        Poking the safety selector switch hole:

        Checking to make sure the reamer isn't wobbly: