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Thoughts on General McChrystal being fired?

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    Originally posted by thereisnoyun View Post
    Its no secret we have alot of right wing and left wing extremist on this forum. Let's be honest here, they were shit talking bush when he was in office, so was clinton and everyone else. So this si not any indication of a special case.

    I think the argument is that he is in a high position of military office, and aside from the political bs, he jeapordize troupe moral by publicly allowing his person opinion to be heard by others.

    Its embarassing, is brash, and most of all its irresponsible. if he was a peon fine. But he has alot of lives in his hand, no matter how much he disagree he should have never let it be on record.

    I agree with you except on one thing. This is a special case. Even Bush never had a top General shit talk him to the point where the guy needed to be removed.
    There's no doubt that the rules of war over there were set by Obama himself and McCrystal was sick of it all and wanted out.
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