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    I ran across this on reddit a few days ago and put it aside to watch when I had the time, it's over 2 and a half hours long. I finally had the time and so I did. I think it was really well done and everybody should watch it. Of course, it's a bit graphic and a fair bit depressing.

    It starts 50ish years ago and then goes forward explaining how politics got to where they currently are. How we changed from a collective democracy where propaganda was used to shift the whole country to support or reject an issue to an individualistic democracy which is so divided that nothing can change. However, it is a stable system and this benefits the financial markets. It mentions Occupy and the Arab Spring and how incredibly ineffective they were at changing anything. Nothing is supposed to change of course.

    It also goes into Russia's political strategy, which to me had seemed so random. Their interference in Syria always confused me. In fact, much of what they do confused me. It turns out, that is their strategy. Putin's lead political strategist backs everyone, even his opponents, then comes out that he supports them. No one knows what's real, what's not, and it's so unpredictable that nothing can change. Again, a stable system.

    So I guess I'll just not worry about it. If the video has taught me anything it's that 1. I can't change anything and 2. the politicians can't change anything anymore. So I guess it really doesn't matter, not worth getting into a huff about something you can't fix.

    If you watch it, let me know what you think.
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    Sounds interesting, I'll check it out!
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      HyperNormalisation is excellent! Great post/call out here.

      All of the Adam Curtis documentary series for BBC are so informative, eye-opening, and unfortunately left me completely depressed about change, too. Definitely check out his first one: "The Century of the Self"

      Deserves a post in the "We are all being Played" thread.
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