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Rear end is way too tail happy. How do I get more lateral grip?

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    Originally posted by TobyB View Post
    what is this k you speak of? Degrees Kelvin?

    Last I recall, and it's been a while, I might be 800lbs/in front, 700 rear. It is entirely possible that I've transposed those numbers...
    ...but the car will lap acceptably with the same rate front/rear (and yes, that means a rear wheel rate about 62% of front wheel rate)

    Other things that will affect balance, in addition to the above tire discussion:
    for a track car, you want MORE rear camber. With a 50 series radial R1R, the paddock seems to average about -4 in back.
    Some of the fastest have more- and some of their strongest competition have less. Most of the rest of us vary it a bit
    to get even (ish) loaded tire temps.

    Don't overlook rake- getting the nose down and the ass up has counterintuitive effects on balance- yes, it's quicker to turn
    in, but grip seems to improve in back, despite what one might think. If it's too waggly right on turn in and not unstable in mid-
    corner, take some rake out and see what happens. The roll centers on E30s are.... a fiasco, quite frankly.

    or something
    -4 degrees rear camber and rake will not help keep the rear planted.

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