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S54 Widebody e30 race car build

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    Man you aren't kidding around! Subscribed!
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    OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


      This is going to be an awesome e30! Subscribed:D

      ps. Have you seen district 9? Seeing as your in Johannesburg and all...
      <-- F*** that guy


        Lol, I'm sure district 9 is in Cape Town.

        Had a productive day yesterday, I fitted the bonnet pins. I must say it's quite a PITA I think we will reinforce the bonnet with some fiberglass just to be safe.


          Holy balls....SUBSCRIBED.

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          No longer stock ride height, rolling as low as a daily driver in New England should without worrying about breaking an oil pan. :up:


            very impressive!


              You're not fucking around. Good stuff!
              Originally posted by z31maniac
              I just hate everyone.

              No need for discretion.


                I got baby gravy all over my laptop. Subscribed!!!
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                  Had another reltivley productive weekend although majority of the work is under the skin.

                  My father got cracking and made side mounting brakets for the front bumper and brackets on the rockers for the side skirts. He also went about mocking up the extensions of the front fenders into the bumper. It seems like our panel beater got a little happy wit the grinder and cut too much of the front bumper back. We're still undecided on the route we will take but it seems like the 2 options are by fixing the bumper by adding raw fibreglass on the sides and then body filler then using it as a master mold , or just using the bumper with the body filler and hoping it doesn't crack when with use.

                  Then I got cracking by mounting and drilling the front bonnet pins which was surprisingly easy to get done. What took me quite a bit of time was that I had to re fibreglass the rear bumper where it had been cracked at the panelbeater I honestly couldn't get it straight and didn't want to add a massive chunk of bodyfiller to smooth it out.

                  I then went about prepping both the rear bumper and bootlid for paint. After some sanding as I had already done quite a bit of it on the parts in the past it went pretty quickly. I also painted the kidneys to white in preparation for the rest of the paint scheme ;)

                  Painting the car wasn't all that bad, I hit the bumper with 3 coats of MS Primer and the Bootlid with 6 as It wasn't covering as well on the black as the white. After that I wet sanded again being very careful not to cut through. I then hit the parts with 3 coats of Alpine white III. I was a bit worried when I was mixing the paint as it looked bluish but it sprayed pretty decently.

                  I must say the painting went pretty well for the most part. I'm sure the paint could be smoother because we don't have a water trap on our compressor but it seems decent too me.


                    This car is so badass that works cannot describe it! :bow:
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                      awesome thread... car looks business!
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                        This car is tits. The meshes are freeking awesome. I can't wait to see it done.
                        Any info on that orange widebody e12? Inquring minds want to know...

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                          yeah, wow. what racing series is this? cuz i need to find some video of everything in this thread.
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                            Nice work so far not a fan of the csl trunklid but otherwise this car could be the tit's !!! Why did you decide to go with a 5 speed vs the normal e46 6speed tranny?


                              subscribed. nice build.


                                That car is business.
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