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Pikes Peak Int. Hill Climb Turbo E30 Build

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    This thread peaked my interest. Sub'd


      I may have missed it, but what was your time?


        My buddy dom was there. I know he spoke with ya, if he mentioned the friend with the zombie apocalypse looking drift e30...that would be me.

        Here's some pics, your rides in a few

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          Wow you're pretty l33t!
          Winner winner chicken dinner?

          My Seller Feedback Thread


            That first video is insane especially when you were getting to the top and it began to rain and on your left you can see the drop, damn that! Great driving!


              Here We go again :) 2013 updates part 1

              First off sorry for the delay in this update! Ill try to go over everything we did this year as quick as I can and with as much detail as I remember.

              Thanks for the compliments everyone!

              To answer a few Q's

              team9 : I will go into more detail for sure about the widebody etc, but most of the bumper itself is just a positive copy of the original bumper and then smoothed out to the new fender specs which were 2.25" wider than the stock fenders.

              chance: Yea the fog was nuts, it almost seems less foggy than I remember too lol. I do have a video of the off, im just not sure I want to post it yet.

              evandael: Lmao, I wish I had as big of balls as some of the other competitors, at some point it becomes insane!

              EmeraldPeanut: 12.41 , 9th place in time attack

              Most of the work we did this year was done in the last two months leading up to the race. I planned on doing quite a bit in April, but then got an opportunity to work on a month long job out of the state and took that.

              I had been dreaming about wider tires and a widebody for sometime and I had the money to do it now, I just wasn't sure about time now that it was May and the race was June 30th. I started working on cleaning up the garage and organizing to make room for the potential upgrades.

              The first issue to tackle was garage space.

              My dad had been holding on to a 66 mustang for a restoration project that never really took off and literally got buried with junk.

              Years ago he wouldn't even consider letting it go, but this year I approached him with the idea of using the money
              and garage space to build a car up for him (One of his dreams is to race the peak as well) and he agreed to sell it.

              Seriously made the garage feel so much better.
              I did feel sad getting rid of that mustang, but at the same time we have the first one that we restored and can drive it anytime we want.

              I concentrated on stuff like shelf's, organization, and getting more floor space in the garage for the first month-ish of working.

              I know this isnt car lust but its a proud moment for my garage as it hadnt been that clean since it was built :nice:

              AND the best part of the whole thing is that my dad was able to pick up this beast for $500 and money to spare for other stuff!

              Pretty nice shape 89' 325is

              Okay now to the car.

              I did some talking to Rob, with GOODaero and he set me on the right path to improve the design on my current wing with version 2.0

              I did alot more digging this time to find profiles of wing that were actually designed for cars.

              I did the core of the wing in the same fashion as last time using a hot wire etc, except I used the blue foam from lowes over the white stuff. Biggest difference was the ease to sand the stuff( the drywall sandpaper does an excellent job for this) and I stole this idea from a guy with a write up on bimmerforums so I cant thank him enough.

              This part kinda sucked.

              I already went through two failed attempts as the wing was longer this time making it that much more difficult and everything about the third attempt was great besides the end point.

              I helped my buddy pat make a wing for his car and we figured out it was easier to start on the thin parts(rear tip) and work toward the thicker front to avoid messing up the thinner parts.

              I really do apologize for the crappy phone pics.

              Worked well to slant the jig when wetting out the side we were doing.

              Used straight pieces of furnishing strips covered in clear tape to make sure the gap was straight.

              We did one layer of carbon, one layer of coremat, then a final layer of carbon. If I do gen 3.0 I will add a layer of kevlar and build in a gurney flap.
              Its super stiff but I would like the idea of kevlar being in it so it wouldn't snap at a super high speed.

              Poor mans oven again(amazing in the winter)

              Getting an idea of where it should go.

              I made a second element wing, that was never installed because I didn't have enough front aero done and didn't want to get loose upfront.

              built in gurney flap using a 90 alumium bar from depot.

              so excited

              This is with the foils wet sanded, epoxied, wet sanded and then polyurethan'd.

              A few things about using the hardwood floor stuff that sucks is that it runs really easily and is hard to apply on wings for that reason,
              it has a yellow tint to it, and you can see the brush marks in the direct sunlight.

              What seemed to work better to skip forward to the body panels was to just use automotive clear coat after epoxying/ wet sanding. The dry carbon look is cool too but you don't really have a uv protection or a good water protection.

              The best senario is to not do a wet layup and vacuum bag your parts in a good mold for the nice finish, but I havent quite got to that point yet.

              Here's the rear bumper that we made to mount the rear wing on(kinda tough to see., I used the same d.o.m as the cage since I had the notcher set up for it already. The plate that attaches to the uprights is 1/8 steel.

              The uprights were a total experiment and I wasn't sure if they would work or not really. We used a material that I believe is called poly-gal for the inner structure/template. This stuff by itself is amazingly strong/light. Its a lot like coroplast signs but way way stiffer.

              [IMG]h 111&_nc_ht=scontent.fapa1-1.fna&oh=cfb5bade1d4ed2561572c00b084e5a7d&oe=5D6A1 887[/IMG]

              Cut out the ends to add a sort of inner washer to spread the load.

              All of this material was donated to me by my buddy pat who ran last years ppihc but sat this one out. We used 2 layers of kevlar tube and an outer layer of carbon fiber tube.

              We sandwiched the uprights between two pieces of tempered glass and put a shit ton of weight on the top.

              These guys were incredibly strong and about half the weight of aluminum braces of the same size. They needed some bracing from side to side to be super stable but really they turned out better than I imagined.

              Test fit!!

              One thing I knew I would do or at least attempt to do were the doors out of a combination of carbon fiber,coremat and kevlar. The doors weighed about 51lbs each. I knew i could gut them and remove glass etc, but I wanted to know if i could really do the body out of carbon and the doors were a good test.

              First step was to peel off the stickers and sand the doors down(my paint job was bumpy)

              Putting my buddy Ed through slave labor

              Filled the trim gap with bondo.

              This is the point where I didn't stop to make sure the plan was gonna work for the entire process/time etc.

              I wanted to make a mold of the door, then do a part from that mold, vaccum bagging it etc.

              It wasnt all a waste, I learned several things, like make sure u buy some modeling clay and fill the gaps where the trim and part meet Otherwise spend forever getting the part off/cleaning the edges.

              Rondo(half bondo/half poylester resin) works better than expected as a cheap gelcoat. Im sure the real stuff would work quite a bit better though.

              And make sure to coat the entire trim piece with your gelcoat.

              I spent far far far too much time with the molds and when push came to shove I couldn’t get a hold of the vacuum pump and decided to try a wet layup in a mold... no bueno.

              I probably could have made the parts work with a ton of work, but sadly the edges weren't down all the way and It would have looked pretty bad.

              I feel inclined to apologize to my buddy pat for the failure as he stayed up on a work day till like 4am to help me lay them up. :(

              The pieces served as a good test to see how strong they were, but it was a couple hundred dollar waste...

              Another thing that was not very fun was the original mold messed up the bondo(The doors were waxed with mold release but it didn’t work on the bondo) on the doors so that needed to be redone before the positive copy versions could be done.

              I don’t have a pic of it but we just used modeling clay ad just taped over the entire door with packaging tape.

              Here is the first outer door that was a success

              Loosely trimmed, test fit.

              The idea was to make two half parts and then glue them together to make a functional door.

              Along the way however I had yet another failure, this time was solely on me not mixing the epoxy correctly and the part never cured fully. Fortunately i used scrap pieces, and it was a smaller part so it wasn't too terrible.

              Second times a charm

              I cut out the original metal brackets in the door and pulled them through the backside of the door, then drilled holes in the new inner door for the studs on the bracket to go through. It all lined up fine and the little bit of extra thickness(due to the positive copy) didnt affect the door opening and closing.

              We have a door! and only 6 lbs!!

              To attach the door halves together I first scuffed the Kevlar down where it meets and then used JB weld and clapped it in place for a day. Once that cured I went over the seam with a strip of Kevlar. Ive seen guys use some green tinted stuff and still have to search around and see exactly what that is.

              Still have a lot to go over, like the CF dash, rest of the body, axles, brakes, 5 lug stuff, e85 and a few other deailos, check back in a few days.
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              Pikes Peak Hill Climb Build


                holy shit thats some awesome work. Be proud of that!
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                  yay updates

                  [B]ORDER PARTS-


                    Mind=blown. Incredible work man!


                      Always epic work done! I love it!



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                          ^^ I lol'd!

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                            Looking good


                              So much awesomeness in here! Keep it up :)


                                Updates? Amazing Carbon Fiber Work!!
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