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Pikes Peak Int. Hill Climb Turbo E30 Build

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  • Zodow
    Thanks mpwrcpe & Anthony B! We had a good time out there, faced some issues but got them solved in time for race day. Once I decompress a bit I will post some updates on this year.

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  • Anthony B
    Well done Tim on the 3rd for your class & 11th outright. To see the e30 clipping at a mclaren 650 & BBI’s GT3 cup car is a feat on its own.

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  • mpwrcpe
    Best of luck this weekend Tim!

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  • Zodow
    djjerme - That is quite an interesting idea with the hot grid for sure, certainly one I haven't thought of, unfortunately I've already gone full send with this heater box/vent setup so I'll probably stick with it utnless I run into a big complication. I really like having the fresh forced air for hot testing days and figure that setup will do well for both applications for low cost and decently low weight for the combo deal.

    Thanks guys! We just took the car to the track and ripped on it all day with almost no problems - main issue was the under tray is slowly starting to fall apart and we might be in for a redo on that part this year.

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  • 2mAn
    Very exciting update. cant wait to see the backstory more!

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  • amcp
    2nd, this is awesome!

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  • Keith M
    Excellent write up. I appreciate you sharing this with us.

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  • djjerme
    Several PRO3 cars used the rear defroster from a vert for the front defogger instead of the factory housing and what not. But many of have now gone to the grid style laid on the window (like a rear coupe/sedan window).

    The race motor in one of our cars has had sparkles in the oil since day 1 (back in 2011). There was a little starvation on some tracks but it was also caused by some of the left over media in the intake and valve cover when my buddy had those bead blasted by an idiot. I told him never have anything that touches the oil bead blasted. Learned that many years ago...

    First race of this season our oil pan got demolished by an errant harmonic balancer from a Honda. So while we had the pan pulled anyways, we changed out the bearings, and they looked like yours. Slapped some new ones in and sent it.

    But I’d also invest in an oil accumulator/Accusump, something as a safeguard Incase the pressure drops.

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  • Zodow
    2019 updates - WEIGHT REDUCTION!!!!!!!

    First thing for the 2019 year we did was pull the transmission to have it inspected at the local dealership - Winslow BMW to see if everything is on the up and up.

    Built another set of "hemi" plug wires

    2019 is a somewhat limited budget year for me - trying to buy a house limits the amount of fun upgrades you can do. But with some extra time and a perfectly working car + motivation + beer we have been stripping every last ounce off this car.

    Look familiar - haha. I could probably get rid of the turn signal all together - mean its a bummer right... but in all seriousness its pretty hard to "point by" when the need comes up when wearing the arm restraints.

    Dont use the e brake lines and I've left the tubes in until now :)

    MASSIVE chunk of goop was under the front part of the tubes



    Skylar helping with the passenger seat mounting for track days

    We constantly took bets on how much stuff weighed - price is right rules

    Getting rid of minuscule brackets under here...

    Box of weight starting to grow

    I have a plan for these - we will see if it works.

    Re doing the splitter "scoop" in CF

    Skylar in his happy place - sticky wet layup goodness.

    More on the scoop later with CF naca brake ducts

    Reinventing the wheel and going after extra weight in the heater box. Pikes Peak has a bad habit of making cars fog up badly. Not fun. ill take a few extra lbs to see in situations like that - just the minimum possible

    Moment of no return

    Weighing everything.. ha

    I hope our new one is less than this....

    Only part beside the heater core itself that I'm keeping

    Mocking up the part

    lots of cutting makes for a difficult shape


    These edges can be deadly

    Cheap trick to fix them with pretty good results normally just use packing tape.

    So far so good...

    More soon once we get all these parts finished, track day on the 3rd so Ive gotta slam to get them done!

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  • Streichholzschächtelchen
    Very cool build!

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  • Digitalwave
    Absolutely awesome and inspirational. Keep it up! Can't wait to see past updates fill in.
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  • Zodow
    It is full front to back yes. When I do the 2017 year recap you will see the updated splitter and diffuser. The middle section is just a flat panel.

    Time attack is highly restricted on vertical square inches added (932sq/inch) so there's not too much you can do

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  • Motheye99
    Do you have under carriage areo? Id love to see what your areo looks like up close.

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  • Zodow
    2019 Plans/Goals

    For 2019, my goals are pretty simple. Id like to make it to the top again, have another smooth practice week and see if we can get a faster time than last year.

    A couple ways were are looking to go faster is by dropping some more weight, getting a built Diff in a slightly different ratio and trying to fine tune the car as it sits even more.

    For weight the biggest drop I can easily do now is the battery. Im still using a stock size battery and Im looking to drop that 30-35lbs down to 4 or 5 with a lithium battery. With all the add ons, bigger brakes aero etc we are still in the 2400# and I'd love to get it down to the high 2300's if possible.

    Ive been running a stock diff every year and Im hoping a 4 clutch unit with a good setup for the peak will help shave some times.
    With as difficult as the surface is on the peak I think it could make a big difference in cornering and exit speed.

    Working on some sponsorship for both these items so well see how that goes.

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  • Zodow
    2018 recap - Race Day

    For the first year we got through all of practice with out an issue... until the very last run of the very last day.. of course.
    We tried to get it on a local dyno last min but that fell through and we just had too much to do to get it to Denver or a track anywhere.

    Without being able to test, we loaded up the car to take to the mountain still without a solid plan or solution to our problem- they have to spend the night on the hill the Saturday before the race to help things go smoothly on race day.

    We had a misfire but it only showed up with full boost and I had to really put my foot into it. We had just changed plugs and
    I thought maybe we forgot to gap a plug, verified they were all right and we started scratching out heads wondering what else it could be

    The only thing that had changed from one day to the next was the plugs to a new set. So there was a debate in the crew as to if it was really a new plug bad out of the box or if something else had happened with a plug wire/coil etc.

    I realized that when the car was completely cold it ran weird when it had this problem. We pulled one plug at a time until we realized that #4 was the culprit.

    I made the decision to run the old #4 plug, a new coil and our backup plug wire set and just hoped one of those things fixed it.

    To my joy on the first corner of the race I knew we fixed the issue with one of those fixes. Being only 3 tenths of a second under 10mins probably wouldn't have happened with that misfire.

    Coming off the line knowing the problem was fixed I gave it everything I had, and they car held up amazingly the whole way.

    The only thing slightly off was the road being damp, when we woke up that morning the entire mountain was covered in a thick cloud although not raining. The road just seemed to have extra dew especially towards the top on it like we experience in practice some days.

    At first I thought we might have overheated the tires with the warmers. I didn't realize it was moisture until after the race talking with someone who broke down and could see the road up close.

    On top for the 6th year!

    The yellow Porsche is the one that took the win and smoked the time attack record.

    Hanging out in the summit house waiting for weather to clear

    The weather on the peak can be quite strange even in late June!

    Getting a close view of the VW they were pretty tight with pictures of this thing so I took my opportunity.

    Safe and sound the bottom - Before getting an impromptu shower of some random bud light ;/

    One of my favorite pics from this year

    A good racer/photographer friend helped me get a good article into this Grassroots Motorsport Magazine

    [IMG] pg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_eui2=AeHyDTyhLOA-3omdtXqVeC8i1djfU5O-LKQWgKsi76DY808NKyrDVTmcB1KgTGiKL-o3wKk4nDX9WufulzV0-x2Ni3hEPmIZ5r_bDg_VonXDdA&_nc_ht=scontent

    In the local paper

    Awards ceremony in the Broadmoor - We were eager to get the trophy and showed up a little early haha

    How my (girlfriend at the time) wife lets me do this I still don't know...

    Fishing the next week for a little R&R
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