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Fuel Accumulator - OEM Ford Option

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  • GThomas
    In for an alternative also!

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  • TobyB
    That might just work-

    a quick browse of the Ford forums seem to describe it as an accusump for
    your fuel system. But they describe it as being for the lift pump on the
    earlier trucks, not the high pressure system. So it'd probably
    only help early cars with the low/high pressure pumps...


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  • slums
    started a topic Fuel Accumulator - OEM Ford Option

    Fuel Accumulator - OEM Ford Option

    Hey guys!

    I was looking around for one of those VW fuel accumulators that Ireland used to sell for my M52 track car (it's an ETA with dual pumps) - seems to be NLA everywhere unfortunately.

    I stumbled across an OEM Ford unit from early model Broncos and Rangers:

    Same principle, but a different shape etc. I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work in the same manner? Much cheaper than buying a used VW unit from Europe (I saw some on eBay for like $200+ before shipping!).

    Anyone have any experience or feedback?