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    I have an opportunity to trade some parts for a GC 400/600 spring setup. It's the springs, and the perches.
    I'll need some O-rings, front camber plates, and the rear mounts.

    Simon suggested the tall rear mounts, are they necessary?

    I'm also not looking to lower the car much more than it already is, maybe 1/2" MAX.
    The exhaust is low, and currently it doesn't scrape on speedbumps, or peaks in the road, I'd like to keep it that way.
    I do things.


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      I do things.



        I did alright. The tires were heating up, never had that issue before, so I'll invest in a spray bottle.
        The throttle cable was loose, noticed that I had about 30% throttle on the way home, so she wasn't at full power.
        That's what I get for being a derp.

        Weather was gorgeous, and I had a great time.
        I do things.


          Sent a email to Ground Control today.
          Think it's time to get rid of the wobbly suspension.

          CENLA points season stars anew in January.
          I'd like to give myself the best chance to win.

          I was going to trade a friend of mine for his GC kit, but the springs are 300/500, but most importantly my UUC BBK didn't fir under his TRM wheels.
          So, it was a no-go on the trade.
          I do things.