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Careful of the scammers

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    Careful of the scammers

    This guy just emailed me for a wtb ad:


    This is Christopher Emailing about your wanted Ad. I do have for sale in excellent condition . I am in Florida and I can arrange shipping . please email me on

    No posts, no idea what he is talking about...

    Mods please ban.
    Pulling my hair out with all these friggin BMW's:
    2000 M5 Winter beater
    1984 318i Coupe 2.5 S14 going in the car below.
    1988 M3 Lachssilber: I'm the second owner, currently recommissioning.

    Thanks for the heads up. I get crap like this on occasion, and when you start talking in “e30” language they don’t know their ass from their thumb.

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    1991 325is - 2.8L Budget Stroker Garage Slut
    1991 318is - Sold
    1986 325 - Sold

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      I got one from him too. Also, briankelvin.

      I'm Brian.

      I have the wanted item you wish to purchase.
      I do have for sale in excellent condition & I can arrange shipping.

      You can contact me through my mail '' if you are serious about purchasing.

      Message me as soon as possible so as to get business going.
      I look forward to your urgent reply.

      Thank you and have a good day.
      Originally posted by Dozyproductions
      You know why you're drinking that Pabst? No its probably not because it was the first beer you grabbed. It's because you're a winner.


        Both banned and also banned their buddies they listed as a reference.

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        1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp