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    It was so nice out today. I almost to my baby out for a spin. I can't wait for winter to go away. I had the sunroof open on the E30 all day too!


      I know someone else that had one of those. He got rid of it. He couldn't afford the speeding tickets. If he took his eye off the speedometer for a minute or two he was flying. I guess his just wanted to do what it was built to do. Nice ride.


        Bart hows the resto coming along. Lets see some PICS!


          Well I haven't done much yet. I take back what I said about it being well maintained. I changed the transmission oil and filter. I think it was original to the car, the goop that came out of there was scary thick. Thankfully the magnets had very little on them. I went to London today and thought the gas gauge was broken because it wasn't falling like a stone. LOL 6.4 to 6.7 liters to 100 kms on the Highway. I have not had the chance to drive to much in town so I don't know what mileage I will be getting there but she is muuuuch more responsive.

          I flushed out the brake lines and again you would think it was original. Clear as mud.

          Next is the power steering fluid. Then timing belt, water pump, thermostat, temperature sending unit, seals. Valve adjustment. We will see where we sit after that as far as the drive train goes.

          I have ordered new fog lens, front skirt/ valance. They should be here next week. I have to order new rear shocks.

          I have a line on someone that does decent paint jobs and will be getting a quote from him soon.

          That just leaves the interior. I have everything operating idiot lights, dash lights. door switches. I have to go back into the instrument cluster and re-soldier a resister that hopefully turns of my brake wear light off.

          I think I will leave the seats until the winter and try my hand at that again. It has been twenty + years since I have sewn a seat panels but I can't screw them up any more then they already are. LOL

          Then she will be back to stock and looking good. A summer car. Until I find and old six series. love the look of them to but I will hold out for a 5 speed in that one.

          Is there any small parts that you need? I am going to check on what I think is an 87 325i to see what they are doing with it. If they are parting it I will let you know.


            Scratch the power steering fluid and fog light lens. Both are working well

            Scratch the Valance. It is amazing what a little piece of trim can do to the appearance of a car
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              Bart, I need a CV shift, I was popping on my summer tires and i noticed the one CV had a ripped boot! Do you have any?
              Also i'm getting some real back camber wear on my front passenger tire (inside tread) any ideas what that could be?


                Wow has it been that long since I have been on this site (03-31-2010) . Sorry Fresh for not getting back to you. I didn't buy that car, although I wish I had.

                I have not done much to the little beast but I am going to take her off the road very soon and start to strip her down. I want to take a good long look and just see how much work has to be done. Nice little project.

                Before I can do that I have to find another means of transportation. A small truck perhaps.


                  Bert good to hear your still working on the E30. I have seen quite a few more around in kingsville at least.

                  Yesterday I'm driving and Boom the exhaust cracks in half. Going to take it to the shop today and see if they can weld me up a new exhaust.


                    Well I started taking the little beast apart yesterday. Thought I would start at the back and work forward. I cannot believe the lack of any significant amount of rust that is on this vec. Pics to follow. The ease in which 20 year old bolts turn off. You just got to love these cars.


                      Wow I didn't think it had been sitting that long. But I have to tell you it's a joy working on these. 20 year old bolts turn off like they where put on yesterday.

                      Engine and trans mission are sitting on my work bench. I have a bunch of parts ordered from the states. Let the drive line rebuild begin. The engine is striped down to the short block. I will be flipping it over and checking the crankshaft journals tomorrow.

                      I forgot how much I liked getting grease under the fingernails :D

                      I was going to take pics, but I just got involved and totally forgot. I will try and post some of the engine rebuild.