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    Vancouver Shops?

    Hey guys,

    Just picked up my first E30 less than a week ago, and looking for a shop to take it to for an inspection.

    I took it to Bimmerhaus on Lougheed, and was told I just needed Inspection II (kinda pricey @ $580...) without the tech even so much as getting in the car (let alone smiling and saying hello).

    Any shops you guys recommend in Vancouver or nearby? I need a place that's e30 friendly and will recognize loyalty and repeat service!

    The customer service part is EXTREMELY important to me, and I really want to feel comfortable knowing that I can leave my baby in someone else's hands to do a complete bushing overhaul and work on the wiring that the PO messed up :)

    Any help would be appreciated and I thank you guys in advance!


    German Auto Sports
    #104-8468 162 St Surrey 778 565-3472


      Thank you!

      I'll give them a ring tomorrow.


        Just wanted to add a quick fix for the number in case anyone wanted to give them a ring as well...



          German Auto Sports +1

          if you wanna hotrod your shit go to Blitzkreig.
          those guys know their shit.


            GAS is good,
            CG Motorsports, is also well known.
            Stay away from Bimmerhaus tho.
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            90 325is
            91 M5


              Eh E30-M3,
              Why the warning about Bimmerhaus? Never been there but just bought a 325iC so I am curious.
              Looking for a fair honest shop to keep her as a daily driver. The car is stock and I like it like that... For now...
              Anyone has a used performance chip, maybe?


                euro otto sport in coquitlam , worth the trek.
                nixon in burnaby


                  Anyone import a vehicle into Vancouver?
                  I have my car from AB that does not have DRL's. I was notified that I need them to pass the provincial safety inspection (it just passed the strict OOP inspection when I brought it into AB 2 months ago from Sask.)

                  Do I need these DRL's? I'd hate to install them so they activate all the lights whenever I start the car. I've seen several old e30's and other euro cars on the road here without DRL's so I dont' think it should be so darn important.

                  thanks in advance for the replies


                    went with euro otto sport to do my clutch and slave cyl. they didn't re-connect my o2 sensor and there were exhaust leaks. from dropping the exh pipes.

                    prices were ok, but consideirng I had to drive from downtown van to get there and to get them to fix the exh leaks a couple of times after that made the experience less enjoyable.

                    if anyone has any other good shops they'd recommend, please let me know.


                      If you are downtown go to Blitzkrieg.

                      Talk to Cheyne and tell him Winston referred you.

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                        thanks Winston, will def. give him a ring :)


                          German Auto Sports is run by shop manager Al Larson.

                          He is a well known con-man and theif in the local and online BMW community.

                          He has stolen from dozens and dozens of victims over the years amounting to several thousands of dollars for everything from carpet sets that were paid for and never sent to mechanical work that was shoddy at best and totally un-needed. He has also taken payment for mechanical work that was never performed.

                          A quick google search for the name "Al Larson" or his former businesses "Seams Perfect" and "Classic Image" all return many hits for people who were bilked by Al over the years. He changes the name to German Auto Sports, but the bad ways still continue to this day.



                            Wetmore Motors in North Vancouver. Best place to go on the shore for sure and only does what needs to be done.
                            1397 Welch Street
                            North Vancouver, BC V7P 1B3


                              Best shop in north vancouver for any Euro car is this one. They even do Provincal Inspections. So if you get a ticket and need your car inspected take it to them. They even have a turbo E30. I have shop around and theses guys have the best prices in town. I don't trust no one but them. Try them you wont regret it

                              Marci Automotive LTD
                              228 Mackay Road
                              North Vancouver BC V7P3H4
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