I currently drive an 89 325i and I've been looking to add to the family! I'm looking for a 325ic, 325 touring or 325ix - I'd be open to an M10 4-cylinder.

I strongly prefer known mileage, non-cracked dash, preferably post facelift, non-bronzit, non-destroyed seats, no rust, good paint and in daily driver condition. Bonus points for having organized records of service.

My range is $5-7k, I've been looking for over a month and the ones I find have a knack for being purchased the day before or after I call! I've come across several ads for cars in the UK that seem to be much cheaper than they are in the states in the same condition AND they come with the novelty RHD.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had ever gone through the process of importing a car, what the cost was, and how much of a pain it was.