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    I have some Natural door cars that I don't think I will ever use they are for a coupe.

    $20 bucks but you could probably offer me $10 and I'd take it, clearing out space in the new house, no more clutter.

    These were out of my white M3.
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      I'm selling a very clean S52 swapped E30 in the Boston area in case anyone is interested:


        Originally posted by docleary View Post
        '87 325iS project - $1200

        172,xxx miles on working odometer, new exhaust, new radiator, sitting on h&r race springs and Bilstein shocks. Dash has zero cracks, blower motor functions on every fan setting. Cloth interior, front seats dirty but no tears in fabric or seams, rear seat is torn to hell for unknown reasons. Needs oilpan, was my daily until the pan got wrecked. Car was shut off within 2-3 seconds of oilpan cracking, wasn't run oil-starved. Not interested in snowmobile or ATV trades, may consider partial trades of firearms and cash. Have all exterior trim/badging except the "325iS" from the trunklid. Could possibly negotiate a replacement oilpan into the deal.

        located in whitefield, maine.

        sold, will be spece30 car out of massachusetts in the future.
        Originally posted by stevie30
        The e30 is the '57 Chevy of the European imports. Quote me on this.
        1986 325eS - cosmosblau, sold
        1990 325i - bronzit sedan, sold
        1984 318i - delphin coupe, sold
        1987 325iS - zinnoberrot, sold
        1988 325iS - zinnoberrot, sold
        1989 325iX - zinnoberrot sedan, current project/daily


          Spotted these on C-list Western Mass
          89 325icA 2.5k

          89 325i 11k in Great Barrington


            Wtb: 4.10 lsd
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            1991 318is - the cruiser
            1989 325i - the rats nest


              WTB: plastic front bumper core that is not splintered and cracked. A front valance would be cool. Color does not matter.

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              '91 318is w/ M50B25TU


                Originally posted by mrmckie View Post
                Wtb: 4.10 lsd
                I have one in Hampton, NH

                4.10 LSD from my 92 vert. Great shape no whine. Slight oil seep from 1 output shaft.



                  WTB set of latches that secure the top to the windshield frame (the ones you flip around to undo the top). My passenger side doesn't latch shut without the reassurance of a hammer. So at the very least I need the passenger side. I'm in central CT

                  it's a Kenny Powers quote on wheels


                    anyone need any m10 parts? I have a complete motor that is disassembled in pieces in my garage.

                    PM me with what you need. Will give you a great deal if you take it all!


                      I'm looking for the right and left black plastic covering that goes directly behind the headlight's and also a single aluminum knurled head nut that's used to secure some of the dash trim pieces.
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                        Does anyone have a good early M20b25 in the Mass area? I don't really care about mileage, I just want a structurally sound block and head (no cracks) to build on, if need be.

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                          Hey guys, i have a complete s52 I'm listing for sale. aprox 122K miles. Comes with ecu and an extra oil pan.

                          Have the diff out of the m3, lsd 3.23 (or maybe 3.24, i forget what the standard is)

                          Lastly, an m54b28 with aprox 101K miles.

                          Anyway, contact me by phone at 508 654 1313

                          Asking 1600 for the s52
                          Asking 300 for the dif (200 if purchased with engine)
                          Asking 600 for the m54

                          Photos and more info @:


                            Very good condition SPC camber plates for sale, in Boston. Asking $200



                              I'm looking for some H&R Sport 50406 front springs (or front and rear if the price is reasonable).

                              Edit: I found some for a good price.
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                              Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. -Mark Twain



                                Originally posted by Bearmw View Post
                                I'm looking for some H&R Sport 50406 front springs (or front and rear if the price is reasonable).
                                I have a set of HR sport springs, front springs have 1/2 coil cut out, also have rear Bilstein sport shocks. will take any reasonable offer, just want them out of my garage. They were used on my 318is.

                                PM is best so it sends me an email notification