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Putting a Feeler out for My 87 325es shell.

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    Putting a Feeler out for My 87 325es shell.

    Bought this a few months ago with intentions to swap everything from my current E30 over to this one.

    I dont have the time to really get into it. It needs alot. Its a shell. Ive just bought a 2014 GTI and the down payment took a huge chunk of my money i want back,

    Car has some mice intrusion, wasnt bad but they chewed the insulation off of a few wires. I took chunks of harness from a donor car and ive removed a good amount of the corroded wiring and replaced it with the same color and thickness BMW wiring.

    there was an aftermarket alarm in this thing I assume, they cut wires and ive been reattaching them, only a few left to go. all the wiring done with Raychem solder connectors.

    This car was a theft recovery car, it has a salvage title. I installed a new steering column, U-joint and did an E46 rack conversion. alingment still needs work, i dented a section of the firewall getting the old column out, needs to be massaged back.

    car has been off of the road since 1996. it was resprayed ok at some point with a clear coat. paint looks good, some visible dings.

    not much rust at all. weird spot where I assume the clutch line leaked and corroded the area where the rubber line meets the metal line, some surface rust in the pans, one tiny pinhole in the passenger side floor. really the least rusty E30 ive come across.

    late model paint matched front valance was included with the car. I sourced the bumpers and trim as the car didnt come with them.

    headliner is dirty. I tore the carpet out to assess any damage. carpet is trash.

    crack free dash.

    Ive replaced the passenger side door latch

    I have a title, thats been signed over, and then I have a bill of sale from that person. and then another bill of sale from that person. car has traded hands a few times since 1996. the car has not been registered in along time. I dont know how difficult this will be to get done. has 112k miles on it .Car was saved from a junkyard after it was stolen in 1996, I dont know at what point in time it was repainted.

    $1200 OBO im thinking. Text me at 401-835-5561 if interested. Car is a 2 door Zinnoberrot 87 325es. Posting it here because Id like it to go to a Local and I dont have time to deal with 500 million people flaking to look at it. Im not on R3v alot anymore unfortunately.

    Im an old man and Im only used to photobucket, if your interested ill send you more pictures.
    Attached Files
    1985 325e M50TU(Sold)
    1991 318is Slicktop (Sold)
    1990 325is Brilliantrot S50/5 Lug Swapped.
    1992 525i Manual shitbox Winter Beater