Do you need some repair or maintainance work done but don’t have the time to do it yourself? Are the dealer and independants rates still more than you’d like to pay? Would you like to learn to do some of your car’s repairs yourself but a little unsure of your skills to do it. I have a solution for you. Gmtechnic is the name of the mechanical services that I offer. I’ve been wrenching on my BMW’s for decades and now that I’ve lost my old job and become semi-retired I do mechanical work to put food on the table. There are limits to what I can take on, ie some of the newer models that require tons of diagnostic equipment that I don’t have but if it brakes, cooling or such I may take it on. E30’s and older are my specialities. I’ve kept my hot rod 2002ti going for 30 years with its many mods and built my 325is from a want to be PRO 3 car. I’ve worked on several PRO 3 car builds for local BMW club friends. I would best describe my work as advanced shade tree DIY work with an anal attitude to do it right. I placed a posting months ago that some may remember. If this interests you drop me an email at to discuss them. I’ve been a Puget Sound BMW club member for over 30 years and can provide some references if you need them. Drop me a line and let’s discuss what you need.

Greg Mierz
GMTechnic BMW mechanical services
West Seattle