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    Little help in Vancouver

    Anyone in SE Vancouver have a spare ECU I could use to diagnose/rule out my no spark/ no power to fuel pump issue on my 89 325i?

    At this point in my testing I'm thinking it's the Clifford alarm or the ECU

    I was getting the e30 ready for the e30 picnic and after replacing a relay on my aux fan I was all set then next day my e30 is getting no spark and no power to the fuel pump. New CPS, fuseable link, jumpered the main relay and fuel pump relays and tested everything I can figure out and now thinking it's the ECU.

    My original ECU was swapped out because it was malfunctioning by Dynasport. They put in a used ECU and they flashed it with a Dinan chip. It is a couple years old and 1000 miles on the replacement.

    My money is on OBC relay box. Bypass it.
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      Got everything working again but really curious on the obc relay bypass and how it relates to a no start issue and how you bypass it?

      I'm picking up a bunch of spare parts / no start issue emergency trunk kit stuff I'm making and haven't heard of this yet.