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FS couple projects i'm not looking forward to moving next month...

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    FS couple projects i'm not looking forward to moving next month...

    OK i'll keep the sob story short but i am moving out of my place next month & have been realizing that with my new business taking off i do not have the time to play with cars as much as i would like. definitely don't have the time to keep 3 projects moving forward! So i'm wondering if anyone would be interested in my unfinished stuff...

    please don't ask me to part them as i don't have time for that & i am willing to sell whatever doesn't go with the car but the buy has 1st pick of the parts.

    1st car:

    1991 318is slick top, white on tan. this is a race shell, meaning the paint sucks & it does have a small spot of rust under the rear bumper (near exhaust)


    GC coilovers (440/850) with camber/caster plates.
    5lug swap, currently has 325i front brakes & spindles. i do have M3 caliper & spindles.
    IE big sway bar set (25/22mm) installed.
    rear subframe has been removed & all bushings replaced with delrin
    SS brake lines
    318ti rear trailing arms (no E-brake cable tho)
    E30 M3 15" wheels with GARBAGE tires on them but i do have a set of contours that was going to end up on the car


    currently has a m42 with COP kit, intake & TMS chip
    euro M20 flywheel with new clutch
    97 M3 trans
    custom driveline (front half E30 M3, back half 318is i think)
    3.46LSD diff

    optional motor

    M52B28 150K when pulled from parts car
    S52 Cam's
    E34 oil pan parts
    Precision Turbo 5657 (i think) brand new

    Other Goodies

    has a sparco fixed back driverseat & a Cobra (sparco knock off) fixed for the passanger with some 4 point harness.
    MOMO steering wheel
    French high beams with flat lense low beams i think from a BMW motorcycle (can't remember ATM but they look sweet together)
    I've got a couple other LSD diffs for this car (3.25 & 2.93) if your interested.

    front spoiler is damaged from a very special owner its had early on but i do have a replacement IS lip in the box, but you would need to find a replacement front panel. the core support was damaged from said owner trying to pick the car up by it

    as for a price, i've got 4-5k into this & like everyone else i'd like to minimize my loss on this one & as always i'm sure there's more parts im forgetting.

    2nd car

    2001 325xit 5spd with a LSD & Mille Miglia 1000 17x8

    280K on the car & has a couple common issues. this is not running because either the ECU or cluster gave up the ghost. the GM5 module needs to be serviced as well, hasn't completely failed but sure likes to play with you from time to time.

    I'm asking $1500 as it sits

    extra parts

    bistein sport shock set
    H&R sport spring set
    E90 drop hats
    front camber plates
    rear camber arms
    SS brake line kit
    subframe reinforcement kit
    style 162 square set of 18x8.5
    I think i have larger front brake calipers (E46 M3) but will need to check once i get home.
    also have a m54b30 in pieces on an engine stand, got it with the plan to rebuild. has 130k from what i remember...

    these parts are not included but are welcome to go with, as mentioned before i'd like to get most of my money back but am willing to make someone a deal.

    if you would like more info, pics &/or want to haggle please PM me!

    Since both of these are in op at the moment, i can get a hold of a trailer to aid in transport for the buyer but delivery needs to be within reason.

    Pics on the 318?
    1984 Alpina B6 2.8/1 #35
    1991 325i MT2 Touring (JDM bro)
    1991 Racecar (Chase Schmidt's former drift car - M30)
    2006 BMW X3
    2011 Audi A3 - wife's other German car


      PM me your number or an email address & i can give you what i got!


        BUMP! moving the wagon this weekend...


          Hey Gearhead, I can't send you a message because your inbox is full, but I am interested in that 3.25 LSD you mentioned you have available. Do you happen to have any spare E30 axles as well? I don't know for sure if I would need them, the diff would be for my 318ti and I'm still sorting through some conflicting information about which axles and output flanges you need to use.


            i think the 318ti axles are the better of the two, but my memory is a bit fuzzy on that subject. as for the Diff, i don't really want to part or sell off any parts for this car until its sold & the buyer passes on the goodies. if i can find a buyer....


              Gearhead, I can't imagine that whoever buys your project car will need 3 LSDs. Please let me know if you change your mind. I'm open to the 3.46 or the 2.93 also, but I think the 3.25 will be the sweet spot for my car.

              Are those all medium case diffs?