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GA Group buy 800usd euro bumpers (shipped after Christmas)

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    GA Group buy 800usd euro bumpers (shipped after Christmas)

    Hey guys, so I'm importing some euro bumpers (and some other euro parts) to Georgia from E30 INTL (based in Australia).

    Because the shipping has a minimum of 100kg I was wondering if anyone would like to purchase a set with me. The weight is enough for 3 sets of bumpers (including myself) plus any other euro goodies the company (E30 intl) is selling. If I get 2 others to get a set of Euro Bumpers then it's 800usd. That is for the bumpers, shipping, all trim, and lights (but not the mounting brackets).

    They also have a lot of rare Euro goodies in stock, like Hella lights, euro grills, clocks, etc. I recommend you check out their Facebook page and send them a message.

    I will not be handling the money. If you contact them directly and tell them you want something shipped to Georgia then it'll most likely be on the same crate as the stuff I ordered. They are a certified PayPal company and have really good reviews on Facebook and over 2k likes.

    The plan is to have all the stuff shipped after Christmas so no rush.

    Leave a message on this thread if you're interested. Just trying to make this organized, save some money, and help some others get in on a good deal.