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I'm Stuck in Arizona....What to Do?

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  • xxx-Lost-Soul-xxx
    beer, tempe is about 15 mins from the airport to the east, lots of that,and asu girls.

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  • Mde36
    started a topic I'm Stuck in Arizona....What to Do?

    I'm Stuck in Arizona....What to Do?

    So a quick summary, was in Cabo San Lucas for the past week. Good times, tequila, beer, boobs, etc. So anyway, was suppose to come home (Maryland) today but because of the storm all flights were cancled. So I'm just outside of Phoenix in Tempe until wednesday. Yes wednesday, thats the earliest flight back to Regan National, BWI Marshall, or Dulles. It's suppose to be 100+ all week and the hotel the airline put me up in is a shat hole. So what is there to do out here? Any suggestions would be great.