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San Antonio S52 Swap Air conditioning help

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    San Antonio S52 Swap Air conditioning help

    So I finally finished my S52 swap and I'm having a hard time getting a list of parts needed for my 87 bmw to have AC with my 97 m3 engine.

    I'm honestly at the point where I want to have a shop complete the AC portion of my swap. Do you guys have any shops you are 100% sure can complete my AC install nearby san Antonio or Austin?

    If you are a mobile mechanic willing to help finish the install let me know as well.


    Follow this thread:

    I had local shops make my lines THREE TIMES and I kept leaking. I eventually had Zionsville make me some that worked great for a few months. One of the hoses was rubbing the frame and got sliced in two, and was eventually replaced with a braided SS hose from a shop in Houston - no issues since.
    I recommend replacing the condenser and evaporator.
    Getting functional AC was an enormous headache, but I'm happy I have it, otherwise in TX you can only drive about 2 months a year.


      I just went through this on my car. I was probably in a worse spot because I bought a swap car and pretty much all the A/C was pulled out and anything that was there had to be taken out and checked out.

      I had my lines joined at Austin Rebuilders and I would say that ended up being about the easiest part of the whole process. The hard work was replacing the evaporator, sourcing all the lines, figuring out the wiring, etc. In the end I had to have Terry Sayther do the wiring and so forth.

      The important miss I had was it took a bunch of trial and error to get the cooling system to a good spot. Even with a mishimoto and two electric puller fans I still watch the temp like a hawk on 100+ degree days.

      If you want to talk through anything in my post just shoot me a PM.
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        i bought the line couplings on line. when they arrived, i went to my local napa store and used their hydraulic crimper to swage them up myself. they didn't charge me anything to use it.

        normally the more rural napa stores sell hydraulic fittings and custom hoses. urban stores generally do not.
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