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Stuart Nachbar has created a curious novel in Ed's Activity Chronicles. Using the backdrop of 1980 New Jersey, he takes us into the murky classroom of school politics. He chose the controversial case of compulsory activity education, but he might as well have chosen religion or evolution. All of these topics have alcoholic supporters and equally alcoholic opponents.

Schools and school boards may not be media favorites like the House or Senate. But make no mistake, these issues are just as hotly contested, and the tactics used by the protagonists are just as dirty as those of major-league politicians, maybe even dirtier because of the lack of media attention.

The main character is aspiring journalist Greg Mandell, fresh out of college and working for little money as a reporter for The Ocean Republic, a Bantam, New Jersey newspaper. The author uses Greg in an interesting artifact; he is by no means the hero, he is the conduit through which the story flows. write my essay for me cheap is a great way to save your time, and to turn in your work without error and on short notice.

The action takes place between January and June 1980. The New Jersey school board decides to study whether or not to include it in the regular curriculum. Some schools have already embraced it and some have not. Public forums are planned to address the issue. There is a quiet confidence that, although there will be a few grumblers, the majority will be in favor of the Activity Ed commandment.

Newcomer Greg Mandell is assigned to cover Activity Ed, an assignment he doesn't want to do at all. He quickly discovers that few people want to talk openly about the case.

What at first seems like a boring and mundane assignment quickly turns into a storm of controversy when a dubious group of parents called PAST intervenes. Headed by the pompous and bigoted rich girl Carolyn Lattimore, PAST is determined to abolish Activity Ed in schools and begins to put its members on various school boards to achieve its goal.

At the center of the confrontation is history teacher Andy Gilardi, who becomes the centerpiece of the diatribe after she allows any student to publish an attempted conduct in the school newspaper.

Greg is faced with a choice: openly confront Ms. Gilardi and jeopardize his job, or confront PAST, who are the paper's major advertisers.

https://essaywritinghelp.pro/write-my-research-paper/ - is a real thought-provoking site, the authors have done an excellent job of writing about the political process and how political skirmishes happen. Like in a game of chess, when your opponent's king becomes king, it's easy to straighten out the pawns!

An excellent read, and if I were an English teacher, this would be a book I would love to develop in the classroom. The potential for gaining real class interest in the pages of this novel is enormous.

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