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    Hey I saw your response to an m30 transmission question from a few years ago...I was wondering if you by chance know if i can "easily" swap the bellhousing from a 260 with an m30 pattern to my 260 with an m20 bellhousing without new internals. I could be wrong on what trans i have but its not the one with a small, detachable housing. I believe i just have 2, 260's with different patterns. thanks

  • McGyver
    Short answer:
    You cannot interchange a g260 between an m20 and an m30. However, I believe m30 g260s are more rare, so selling it should get you enough money to buy an m20 g260 with extra cash left over.

    Long answer:
    The g265 is the only transmission that I'm aware of that uses a removable bellhousing, allowing the pattern to be swapped between m20 and m10/m30/s38/etc. g265/5 is the super rare "dogleg" and the g265/6 is the normal US based transmission. This transmission uses 4 studs/nuts to hold the bellhousing to the body of the transmission. This is regarded as the strongest OEM transmission available.

    All g260 transmissions have the bellhousing cast with the body as a single piece, as such, they are not interchangeable between different bolt patterns. Early g260/5 transmissions on m30 cars were weak and had premature failure. These were temporarily superseded by the expensive g265/6. This was superseded by the g260/6 which was les expensive than the g265/6 and more robust than the g260/5
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