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    Hey, so I found your thread today and read the entire thing during a work meeting haha. I was reading along and was thinking damn another East Coast dude, but then I saw you move to SoCal and 15min from the Chula junkyard! I am in Coronado and I also have a 1984 325e that I am planning to turbo. I bought a 1988 325i engine harness, fuel rail with the harness, E36 TPS, toothed crank harmonic balancer, crank sensor mount and sensor, GM Open element IAT sensor (replaces stock AFM), and I'll be using a megasquir2 ECU. Oh, and I haven't pulled the trigger on a wideband O2 just yet but will do it soon. The old harness has been pulled off but I have yet to do anything with any of the new harness yet. I kept finding new things I had to order from eBay because the only car in Chula was picked to pieces.

    Shoot me a text and maybe we can help each other out/update on build processes.

  • atmh
    Thanks! I'm one of the people picking the junkyard e30's to pieces, hah!

    As far as I can tell they get stripped of all the high value stuff by professional resellers before the car is even posted on the website. I went to the junkyard the following morning after an '88 vert 325i was posted, and the head, diff, tail lights, projector headlights, dash, center console, and many other things were already taken: AKA: Everything that is easy to pull and resell was gone within 24hrs.

    Lucky for you/me, if you're doing heavy mods and/or have other parts of the car that need replacement (rust repair, etc) then there's always something useful, if the list of things you need is very long.

    I will be pulling and selling lots of parts from my car in the coming months/years. The plan is to replace almost everything, so if there's anything you need just let me know. I'm actually planning on upgrading to MS3 Pro Ultimate, so I'll be making my own wiring harness at some point. I actually pulled the wiring harness from the vert just to have all the pigtails I might need.

    If you need any used cooling system parts from the older style car, let me know! I am swapping to the late model cooling setup. I have 100% of the cooling system off an older car available for sale. I even have a relocated expansion tank for the old style system that I will be selling.
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