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Because there are more than 1200 photos hotlinked over 25 individual posts this post is being edited into a Table of Contents.

For some visiting each post separately will yield better results on bringing pictures up.

I. Preface. Initial interior.
II. Undercarriage assessment.
III. Shift linkage. Transmission seals. Rear suspension.
IV. Transmission seals. Rear subframe.
V. Stereo. Side molding. Rear suspension. Front suspension.
VI. Exterior cosmetics. Lollipop bolt. Wheels. Brakes.
VII. Brakes. Front lights. Cup mirrors. Transmission removal.
VIII. Cup mirrors. Dual mass flywheel.
IX. Pilot bearing. Rear main seal. Oil pans. Brakes. Interior. Rear taillights.
X. Cup mirrors. Squirrel. Engine bay.
XI. Engine bay. Trunk.
XII. Coolant system. Front sway bar. Drive shaft.
XIII. Cruise control. Engine bay. Interior/external photos.
XIV. Exhaust. Engine bay/start-up. Blower resistor. SI reset.
XV. Front exterior. Clutch stop.
XVI. Misc. electrical. Initial COP.
XVII. Door cards. HVAC detail.
XVIII. Interior final assembly.
XIX. Fuel supply. COP detail.
XX. Chip. SRS delete. Front wheel bearings.
XXI. Front subframe. e36 rack. Battery. Bay shaving.
XXII. Dash vents. m42 dismantling.
XXIII. m42 maintenance. Rear wheel bearings & axle boots.
XXIV. Troubleshooting. Timing. Lifters.
XXV. Sunlight! Skid plate. Old parts pile.
XXVI. Thank you and credit post.
XXVII. Hard line replacement. Finishing touches. On the road again!
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