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Picked this up the 1rst of Jan:

Guerc/ GuercII did the majority of the work the past 2/3 years through Valley Motorwerks, and I purchased it 2 owners later. EVERYTHING works, which is tits. (Although the recently redone AC JUST stopped blowing cold. Most likely the resistor IMO)

Main build thread here if one is interested.

M50B25TU+M3Cam+Turner Chip, 5spd ZF M3 tranny, M3 springs, new Bilsteins, 21mm sways

My plans are a Z3 rack, to figure out a better booster for racing as I much don't like the installed Treehouse one, along with a big brake kit if possible, coilovers for track and dd tunability while I find a proper 2 seater for DD use within the next year or 2, as I plan for this to be my HPDE/autoX car.

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