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Lemme see I can answer all your "Using The Getrag 240" questions.

-YES the Getrag 240 (from 90-91 318i/iS WILL bolt up to all M/S/50/52 blocks perfectly and will even line up correctly with the oil pan holes. Im not sure about the transmission form the early 318's.

-Use the pilot bearing that was ment for your motor.

-People have used the m20 325i shift linkage along with it, it didnt work for me so I shortened the 318 carrier and selector rod to work.

-Use the E36 325i 5spd driveshaft with a e30 center bearing for best fitment. The E30 325i 5spd driveshaft can be used too.

-If you're going to be running a single mass m20 flywheel use the euro 323i throw out bearing. Otherwise the stock one from the 240 should work with the m50 dualmass flywheels.

-For transmission support use the stock unmodified e30 transmisson brace with the stock 240/e36 transmisson mounts.

I think that should answer your questions.
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