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Originally Posted by Axxe
Supporting the motor with a floor jack and lowering the subframe makes it 100x easier too.
That is alot more dangerous IMO. It gives you less wiggle room underneath the car because there is a jack in the way and if the jack gives or you accidentally knock it loose you could fuck alot of shit up or possibly get injured. It took 2 of us to get the rack loose and 2 of us to get the new one in.

I remember replacing Josh's oil pan using the floor jack method to hold the engine up. It was a nightmare and at one point the jack did fall but we got lucky and the motor mount got caught on the frame of the car.

If you want to lower the subframe and lift the engine I only suggest doing it with an engine hoist or a cherry picker. But realistically, my tab bending method works and is 99.9% safe and it saves you alot of time.
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