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Originally Posted by Calum_b198 View Post
Hey, did you find a way to make the adaptors work with the Z4 hubs and the rear 330i calipers and discs?
check this...

There are 3 solutions available for this retrofit.

1. Find the entire rear e-brake/hub assembly of a 330 and transplant it, which is expensive and not worth it imo.

2. Fabricate a spacer and press it/weld it inside the 330 rotor to create a smaller drum diameter so that the original e-brake can work. Not good because it will add more weight to the already heavy rotor, it will throw rotor off balance, and each time a rotor will need replacing, a new spacer must be manufactured. Also, difference in materials used will probably create a problem with heat expansion.

3. Fabricate custom brake shoes, with the mounting base of a 320/23/25/28 and the proper length to reach the standard 330 rotor drum diameter. I chose to follow this method for the following reasons:
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