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Not sure if youre still looking into this or not. I built my motor from junkyard parts and tossed new rings ect in it and love it.
M50 motor
m52b28tu Crank and Rods
M52b30tu Intake cam
540I intake.
This will make you a 2.8 m50 but running 11.25:1 CR. Im running stock red label ecu and I can keep pace with my brothers Audi S4 pushing 300hp/366FT NOT from a dig as his AWD would destroy me lol. Cheap build and simple to find parts. you can also stick the 330I crank, rods, and pistons in the M50 and make a S50 clone Its not 100% as the S50 has bigger pistons but its a hell of alot cheaper.
Just my .02
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