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Miss-Shifft-Almost die Yesterday at the Ilegal S.Races&V

Guys, I swear in the past that this unfortunatly things wouldn't ever happen to me, but yesterday happened, while I was in the ilegal street races, I race a higly tuned Hyundai Scoupe Turbo and when I wanted to past from 3th to 4th I enagged by mistake 2th , almost went to hell just when i was taking a fast corner ( I was arround 130 Km/h).
In the lastest weeks I noticed my shift knob wear, that should be the problem, for luck I didn't overreved the engine due the fast reaction of me lol

anyway ---> here the story

and also took two little vids, that Scoupe ran very fast, vs this Toyota Starlet coupe with a swapped 1.6L DOHC 4AGE engine reving up to 10K RPM!!

PS: Sorry for the poor quality of the vid, I forgot to setup for night shots the Handy
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