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Plan is to stay NA. Just going to make it more peppy and the motor, while runs, isn't in the best condition. Did a full fluid change and it now leaks almost a constant stream from the back end of the motor. It's all going to be stripped down so no worries but there is a lot of work to be done. It's moves but rear drums appear to be seized/lots of noises. No gauges except speedometer and fuel. Everything rubber will need replaced.

Thebutterson - Orginally the plan was to swap in a new motor and shoot for big power but decided against it. Not going to try and make the car something it isn't if that makes sense. I've been thinking about the 410 route for it as well. I'm currently rocking a 410 in my swapped e36 compact/built M52. While not the best for DD highway it would be plenty of enjoyment on the backroads.
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