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Worked on it a little over the holiday weekend.

Starting to layout what is left usable on on the car

Finished up some flooring and cleaning the carpet. Some spots on the carpet will need redone. Cleaned with brush and Chemical Guys Fabric Cleaner. The carpet had been stored in plastic totes for 15+ years. After a heavy dilution of fabric cleaner and lots of hot water it's starting to smell normal.

Did some simple cleaning of the seats but there are still some stubborn areas that will need a stronger cleaning agent.

Aged door cards, I doubt there is a simple way to bring these back.

Current state of the interior

Need the Zender front bumper, got lost over time.

Paint isn't too bad but some bad rust spots. Unsure of what's underneath the bodykit.

Nest is for me to watch the forums for replacement parts and hopefully that Zender bumper. Going to start putting the interior together while tearing into the motor and drivetrain. Looking like rust and time has rendered a decent amount unusable.
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