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1990 320i Touring (Picked it up in 2010 - Warsaw, Poland)
Diamondschwarz / Anthracite
Approx. ???km Non-working odometer
5 spd
manual sunroof
LSD: 3.73 (found LSD on CL in Sacto, took apart, shipped it in my suitcase, had my mechanic put it back together)
Factory radio - not sure which year (Bought at Double02 Salvage in Hayward)


Having owned this touring for 8 years now, I've swapped out the 2.0L dawg of a motor to a 2.7L Alpina clone motor with a 2.0L head. Custome straight pipe exhaust with a handmade muffler, it's loud and I love it. Replaced the suspension with Bilstein HDs, but should have gone for the Sports. Shipped over a new gas tank in 2015 as mine was super rusty and I couldn't find one in Europe. The touring is pretty much the way I want it now and although it's not perfect, it's perfect for what I use it for. I've taken my touring on 3 long tours all over Europe and beat the snot out it at the Nurburgring... on stock brakes. Not wise, I know. We didn't use the brakes that much due to still having another 1300 miles to go. I no longer live in Poland, but my touring does and will until I have somewhere else in Europe to store it. At the moment, I'm paying around $80 USD for indoor parking and as long as I'm living abroad it doesn't make sense for me to ship the car back to the West Coast. I will hold on to this touring as long as I can!
1970 BMW 2002 w/M20b25
1990 BMW 327 Touring
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